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Mr. Vento

July 1, 2019
By Aardvark BRONZE, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
Aardvark BRONZE, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
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At North Shore Middle School in eighth grade year the first day of eight grade he said to me “aren’t you brothers with Kristina”. And I said” yeah”. And then Mr. Vento said” I only like you because of Kristina”. And I said ”thanks” with a little laughter. I thought Mr. Vento was funny, because the things he would say were funny, and he can make anyone laugh. For example my best friends Gill, Amareon and I would never laugh or smile in school because we hated school, so during recess he decided to make us laugh. We still hated school, but our favorite teachers was Mr. Vento and Mr. Muehls.

I forgot what he said but he made us laugh right that moment. Sometimes Mr. Vento, my friends, and I would toss a pig skin( football) with each other, and other times Gill, and I would either hangout and get into trouble or we would play soccer with our friends. We learned that friends and a couple of teachers that make you laugh are the best part of school. 

Every now and then my friends and I would play basketball with each other. The takeaway is that there is always someone that can make you laugh even if you think that there is no one that can make you laugh, but turns out there is at least one teacher that can make you laugh and have a good time. The things my friends and I did to get in trouble is during the winter time we would throw snowballs at other kids just because we felt like it. 

My friends, and I would always be late for example for science and fluid power challenge last year we had Mr. Grevenkamp. We would always be 10 to 20 minutes late because we thought the classes were boring, and turns out they were really boring. The point of Gill, and Amareon was to tell you who my best friends were. We were not allowed to be late but we chose to be late on purpose. 

Whenever my friends and I got into trouble or when we feel depressed we would always ask Mr. Muehls if we could go into his classroom. And he would say  “come on in, let's talk about what’s wrong today, for you guys”. And he would always find out what’s wrong and it turns out that we were hungry and we didn’t even know about it. 

Also we had a study hall in Mr. Muehls class, and whenever we got into trouble like, I would sing loud and I had headphones on Mr. Muehls would send me to Mr. Vento’s room as a punishment. When I would get there Mr. Vento knew why I was there and he would tell me to get my math out. 

Turns out that even if your punishment is to be in Mr. Vento’s room it’s not much of a punishment it’s the opposite, I say this because he would at first make it make it look like a punishment, but instead he would make you still do your math homework, and make you laugh and have a good time, and you would stay there for the remaining time until school was over depending on the time. I am thankful for Mr. Vento, because he had my sister, and I only heard good things about Mr. Vento from my sister. 

The other reason I was thankful for was when something embarrassing happened to me he would have something even more embarrassing that he would tell me. For example in sixth grade when he and Mrs. Dillon were helping me with my math homework I puked a little on accident because I was a little sick, and they saw it. And Mr. Vento said” don’t worry in 5th grade I peed my pants in front of the whole class”. And that’s when he made me laugh.   

I am honored still to this day to have had Mr. Vento as my tutor for my math homework and not for just helping me out but for when something embarrassing happened to me he would have something even more embarrassing story to tell me what embarrassing thing happened to him than the current situation and making me laugh at the current situation. 

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