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Mrs. Shannon

April 5, 2019
By 0Luchinske SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
0Luchinske SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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I am a shy individual. Being timid and quiet the feeling of uncomfort often arose in groups. It was difficult for me to be comfortable in classrooms when I was younger. It was frightening to make friends and wasn’t something I had a lot of.

Walking into Merton, seeing Mrs. Shannon—a kindergarten teacher—for the first time (squeezing onto my father’s hand) the look of her soft hair and smile soothed and comforted me. She had been one of my first friends. Little did I know, I would also meet Mary Lotz: my best friend of 12 years in the same classroom.

Mrs. Shannon owned a class guinea pig—Thunder. We all got to vote on the name and he was a big part of our classroom life. He taught our class to take care after something other than ourselves and share responsibilities. After leaving kindergarten I got a guinea pig—Precious. She continued to teach me these responsibilities and was another great friend.

My teacher was open to all opinions and made sure everyone felt involved. She would take class votes so every voice could be heard. I remember when my friend Mary had a hernia. Mrs. Shannon took a class vote on what kind of belly button Mary should get after her surgery. She didn’t judge anyone for their answers and you truly could always vote for what you believed in. It was always a fun way to come together as a class and discuss simple topics which I believe is a great trait to have for a young child. As you grow older people struggle with being open to other opinions and only seeing theirs as the right or correct way. This class taught me how to believe in what I want, and still listen and give other opinions a thought.

Mrs. Shannon is a kind-hearted and welcoming person. She was someone I knew I could come talk to, even after leaving her class. She let me read stories in her 5K class when I was in 5th grade—even enjoy indulging in her famous chicken soup. Reading to those children helped me understand that I could be a leader, I didn’t have to always be the follower. It pushed me out of my comfort zone. Its like I was a turtle and Mrs. Shannon was that bit of comfort to help me come out of my shell.

I believe this award should go to Mrs. Shannon. It would mean so much to me for her to get recognized for the things she’s helped me accomplish—I would have never been able to do them without her. She has helped me with skills and traits I will carry onto my adult years and to share them with the people I love and grow with.  I was shown how to be a leader, how to take on responsibility, that everyone’s voice matters and that my opinion isn’t always right. Most importantly, I was soothed into being someone that wasn’t timid and shy. Mrs. Shannon changed my outlook and view on social and political things, I hope to keep her and others I met in her class as good friends.

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