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Educator of the Year

March 22, 2019
By Master49308 BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
Master49308 BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
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This teacher that i am going to write about has been the best teacher that i have ever had because they are so much more than a teacher, this person is a coach,  the National Honor Society Advisor, the TSA(technology Student Association) Advisor, the Graduation Coordinator, Dickinson’s Blue Gold Advisor for the Senior and Junior Ambassadors, and an extremely caring person.  Everytime I go to their class, i am truly excited about what we will be doing that class, and my teacher always says hi or hello or how are you doing when they see me. Now that may not seem like much for some people, but for me it is, cause to me, this gesture shows that someone notices me, and that they feel the need to talk to me, and it never fails to encourage me, and raise my spirits.  The person i am nominating is Kathryn Sheehy, who is always there when i need help with a project, or when I forget something, if that means that she either goes through thick and thin to get it, or has to remind me of something that i forgot to put on my paper.

Mrs. Sheehy is a CAD(Computer Aided Design) teacher at John Dickinson High School.  The reason she stands out to me is because she is always busy with helping other students, whether they are in her class or in a different class. Although most of the time she makes sure we are actively working on projects and assignments she assigns us, we do have some fun too. One time, when it was close to christmas, she decided to let us construct gingerbread houses.  Most of the students chipped in and we bought enough candy, graham crackers, marshmallows, etc; honestly anything you can imagine ever going on a gingerbread house, we had. We spent a whole class period making them, and when we were done, she lined them up on a table and took pictures to hang up on the walls right outside her class room. Mrs. Sheehy is also a coach of the swim team at John Dickinson High School, which i have the pleasure of being on.

During swim season, Mrs. Sheehy was always making sure that we pushed ourselves, never giving up and that we never did less than what we knew we could.  At every swim meet, no matter if you slow or fast, if you were on our team, Mrs. sheehy was right by the pool side cheering us on, telling us to keep going.  At the beginning of one swim meet, i realized that i had forgotten my swimsuit and my goggles, which is pretty bad because they are vital to actually swim. Well, when i told Mrs. Sheehy, of course she scolded me, just as any coach would, but then she started making calls and texting people, and next thing i knew, i had a swimsuit and goggles some people had lent me.   I’m not even sure where they came from, i just know that Mrs. Sheehy had worked her magic and gotten them for me. Not only is she a teacher, and a coach, but Mrs. Sheehy, is also constantly busy with her other professional duties that she engages in the school community.

Mrs. Sheehy is always working with students who are apart of NHS(national honor society), whether that is helping with some of the functions that the students work at, such as the Career and College fair, or reminding the students of certain things. When I see her during my class period, she is constantly calling people or emailing people with her spare time, or helping another student, or working on making some event or field trip happen that could even be for next year.  I’m not a student who is apart of any of these groups, but even i can see how much work and effort that she puts in and how much time is spent on all of this. An example of Mrs. Sheehy’s caring heart can be found when she had spend a class period making get well cards for another student in our class who had to go into surgery for his heart. She wanted to make sure that he knew how much we all were worried for him and that we were there for him. As I conclude, i just want to say that what has been shown so far that no matter what Mrs. Sheehy deserves appreciation for all the hard work she puts in and all the people she puts before herself.

Just to put together everything, this teacher means alot to me, and all the students that she teaches, coaches, and helps.  She does not try take credit for most of things she does but makes sure that students are recognized for their own achievements, if that means during announcements in the morning and after at school, or if its entering them to go to a competition to compete with the best of the best.  In conclusion, I chose Mrs. Sheehy because she means so much to me, and as helped me decide which careerpath i want to pursue (architecture), and pushes me to be the best i can, even when i don’t want it.

I herby certify that this is the writing of Jonathan Pyott and is completly original.

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