The Funniest Man Alive

April 28, 2009
By Christian Gaytan BRONZE, Phoneix, Arizona
Christian Gaytan BRONZE, Phoneix, Arizona
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I took a deep breath before walking in the classroom. I thought in my head, “Math, I hate math.” As soon as I walked in I saw him, a six foot tall man standing in the front of the classroom just staring at us. One by one we walked in the classroom; we quickly ran to sit next to our friends. We sat there quietly, afraid to say a word. Then the tall man spoke, “Welcome to eighth grade math, my name is Mr.Timbrooks.” Immediately I thought in my head this class is going to be boring. He then made us stand up in the back of the classroom and sat us in alphabetical order. By this point everyone seemed disappointed. As the days went by we realized that he was the complete opposite.

He would make a boring lesson into a fun one. We had fun learning lessons and we actually did learn what he taught us. If we didn’t understand something he would sit with us in lunch to help us out. How many teachers do you know that takes time out of their own lunch to help their students out? You could have also stayed after school if you had a question or didn’t understand a lesson and he would teach the lesson to you or answer your questions.

Mr. Timbrooks had an immense personality. He would joke and play around with us. He would do the funniest things. He would make impersonations of us. He would lean back and walk around the room talking in slang. They were hilarious. He would also speak Spanish and say he was speaking French, he would say,” The answer is three or in French tres.” He was a big goof ball, he would say the lamest jokes but we would all laugh because the way he would say it was hilarious. He made math amusing. For the first time in my life I liked math, I loved math! Everyone looked forward to go to math to learn in the most fun way with the funniest man alive, Mr. Timbrooks.

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DA DAVID said...
on Apr. 29 2009 at 5:20 pm
I thought dat ur article is really good,i've been reading some, but to be honest the suck.!!!


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