Balancing Act

April 27, 2009
By Simple212 BRONZE, Kalkaska, Michigan
Simple212 BRONZE, Kalkaska, Michigan
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In a world as hectic as today's, maintaining balance can be hard to do. Usually, entire days are jam-packed with tasks, errands-things that need finishing. After a while, being so busy can get tiring; it can drain the positivity right out of you. Luckily, there are some who know how to handle a busy schedule with confidence and authority, all the while remaining calm and collected. Mrs. Hawkins, an Honors English and Psychology teacher, as well as Kalkaska High School’s Journalism instructor, is the one person I know who can perform such a balancing act. She knows how to make learning fun, she’s incredibly easy to relate to, and most importantly, she takes her job seriously.

Corny as it sounds, I’ve never had so much fun learning English. Mrs. Hawkins is a pro at turning tasks, like reading and writing, into exciting activities. By incorporating things such as lively team competitions, short skits, thoughtful discussions, and the occasional scavenger hunt into everyday classroom procedure, she manages to keep students happily occupied. I know from experience that being her student never gets tiring, even with a hectic high school schedule.

It goes to say, teachers are generally thought of as being strict and authoritative, like a lion. Mrs. Hawkins, on the other hand, is a kid at heart; she's like a lamb, with just the right amount of authority. She’s the enthusiastic, intelligent older sister I never had, full of sympathy and helpful advice. Her corny jokes brighten my day, as well as the days of many others, I’m sure. In fact, I think it’s through her humor that she is able to fit in with her students so well. Who couldn’t like a teacher who corrects assignments armed with a purple-ink pen?

Mrs. Hawkins' sunny attitude definitely helps ease the stress of a busy day; it motivates me to stay both organized and sane. Mrs. Hawkins herself is well organized. As compared to teachers I’ve had in the past, she is consistently punctual with what she does. Though she leads a busy life, she has constant confidence with what she’s doing. I've learned so much as Mrs. Hawkins' student, simply because she is an exceptionally hard-working individual.

Mrs. Hawkins also doubles as KHS’s own Journalism instructor. Her sympathetic nature, flexible deadlines, and ability to stay organized are the traits that, I think, qualify her for such a position. And if not that, they at least help to ease the constantly overwhelming schedule that accompanies novice Journalism students’ workloads.

All in all, Mrs. Hawkins is an extraordinary teacher. She is brilliant and enthusiastic, often turning English class into an adventure. Also, she has a cheerful, friendly demeanor, thus making her an easy friend. On top of all of this, Mrs. Hawkins is organized and under control, like the mature adult that she is. Somehow, she manages to balance the perfect combination of a fun, child-like friend and the sensible, responsible teacher whom I will always look up to.

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