Mrs. Z, the Best in the World

April 22, 2009
By Spenser Urban BRONZE, Glen Mills, Pennsylvania
Spenser Urban BRONZE, Glen Mills, Pennsylvania
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At my school we have hundreds of amazing teachers. You will be amazed how many exciting teachers we have.

Out of all of these teachers, the teacher that touched me the most had to be Mrs. Zaleski. Well, she actually is one of the school’s learning support teachers. But, she has her own special way to help kids, while at the same time, having a boat load of fun. I remember one time when she made up a great way to remember the difference between simile and metaphor. What she did was make up a phrase, and then we had to yell out if it was a simile or metaphor. Also, if you win any of her amazing games, she always gave you a prize, like a pretzel bag or even a piece of candy.

She also was a teacher that always worked hard to make sure her students knew what was expected of them. Besides the learning games, she liked to, right before a test or a quiz, go over what we needed to know. You see, I had her in my class for math and social studies, so she liked to go over important dates and maybe even go over some practice problems for math, which we would have needed to know for the test.

If you ask me what my favorite thing about her is, it was how many fun activities she set up for my class. One of the things that I know I had a blast on was when we were learning about Egypt. What she did was, all by herself, set up for my class to go to a play dealing with Egypt. Also, whenever my class won a contest against the whole school or grade, she would always throw a big ice cream party in our honor.

Mrs. Zaleski was a really fun teacher. There were so many fun things that Mrs.Zaleski had done for me. Now I believe that it is my turn to return the favor. Mrs.Zaleski, you’re the best!

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