Mr. Hoetker, my seventh grade English teacher.

April 19, 2009

When I first met Mr. H, I thought he was zealous, and delusional. But now he's my favorite teacher: Mr. H is so open-minded and carefree it almost scares me.
Just last week we were playing bingo, and instead of getting a piece of candy, whenever someone got a bingo, he would put on his Darth Vader helmet. The winner won the chance of a lifetime to battle him with light sabers!
I have never had a teacher so spur-of-the-moment and rule-breaking; I guess that's what makes me want to use that “Universal Remote� in the movie Click and fast-forward through all my classes `till I get to English.
He makes school fun! And that is very hard to do with a jumble of 7th grade adolescents.
I've always loved reading and writing, so when school started this year I was already psyched to be in English. Except, one problem with me was that I thought I was superior to everybody else. I guess I was OK at writing, but I was way too� entrapped, thinking of only one way of writing. Mr. H changed that: he taught me the rules, and how to break them. In the end, he helped me become a better writer, and a better person.
As I sit and type this into my computer, he is playing the famous Israel Kamakawiwo Ole:

“Somewhere over the Rainbow� on his computer. By playing music, he creates an atmosphere of freedom and creativity. This is what makes learning fun! Unlike other teachers who insist on a quiet classroom, which results in a stressful, tense environment, in Mr. H’s classroom learning is spontaneous. This setting makes me even more happy because in the teen world, music equals love; and the silence is plain freaking loud in those other quiet uptight classes.

I applaud Mr. H for breaking the rules, to make everything fun, wild and crazy for a group of pimply-face tweens.

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