The Best Teacher

April 15, 2009
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I am 16 years old. I came to Pennsylvania when I was ten years old. Right now, I am in William Allen High School. When I fist came to this school, students told me about a teacher names Mrs. Wolfe and that she was so nice. Finally, I had her this year, I saw Mrs. Wolfe was a great teacher. For example, Mrs. Wolfe helps every one of her students. She can never let her students down. She tries to help them up and not let them go down. To me, Mrs. Wolfe is more than a teacher. Mrs. Wolfe is like a friend because she's always there for you. When you need her, even for family problems, she's a great teacher to talk to. She always finds a way to help you and make you happy. She does not like seeing her students sad. She likes seeing us happy. I think Mrs. Wolfe is the best teacher ever. For example, Mrs. Wolfe will always be there for you, for the good times and for the bad ones. Mrs. Wolfe tries her best to help us pass her class. Even though you're not doing good in her class, she always gives you a good grade. Mrs. Wolfe is a teacherthat will do anything for her students. It's great seeing Mrs. Wolfe come in the class smiling at us and saying good morning to everyone. It is so great asking her questions because she always has an answer for our questions. Mrs. Wolfe loves to laugh with us for a little. Mrs. Wolfe should be the teacher of the year!

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