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August 25, 2013
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Tell Us A Little About Yourself.
First of all, we would like to say hello to our fans and friends from Pakistan: Helllooo, guysss!!! Even if we weren’t there yet, we have many friends that are writing to us on Facebook, Youtube,we receive so many emails from them and we are sure that they are waiting for our first visit in Pakistan. Sunrise Inc is a Romanian band, founded a few years ago.Our first songs were “Forever in my soul” and “One in a million”. "Forever in my soul" was included on the compilation NIGHTLIFE AWARDS 09 Highlights - THE MEGAMIX, the official compilation of the Nightlife Awards 2009 in Holland and was involved in the project of DJ Tiesto, Dance4Life. Our second single, "One in a million", was a smash hit in Greece & Cyprus in the summer of 2009. These last two have been broadcast in countries like the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Russia, CIS, Cyprus, Greece, Ukraine, Albania, Spain, Israel etc. "Lick shot" was the next single, it was a #1 hit in Romania in the summer of 2010 and was listened all over the world & licensed for the best record labels. After “Lick shot” we took a little break until the summer of 2011, when we released “Niña”. It was our big comeback, we had a really good feedback since the first day of the official release. “Mysterious girl” marked the summer of 2012, becoming a TOP 10 song in many countries all over Europe and not only. “Love me” was the next single, we had a double release, both the song and the video at the same time, it’s a collaboration with a great artist from Romania. “Tout le monde” is our latest single, a combination of two beautiful languages: French and English and it’s a collaboration with Miradey, a French band with his origins in Tunisia.
How Did You All Meet And Become A Band? When Did It Happen?
Well, we love music since our childhood, but the Sunrise Incstorybegan whenwedecided toadoptan other kind of musicfrom theone weaddressed before. Prior to thisprojectthere wereseveral"attempts" to findpractically our musical styleto represent us thebest. This happened in the end of the year 2008 – the beginning of 2009, when we releasedour very first singles:ForeverIn MySoul&OneInAMillion.
Why Are You Called Sunrise Inc?
When we chose the name, we thought that we should bring some light into it ?It was the idea of bringing a new “Sunrise” to the European music of that time. Our music is happy and most of our songs remind us of summer, sunny days. Inc brings the idea of the perfect team, always set up to make good music for the listeners.
What’s Your Music Like? Do You Guys Write Your Own Lyrics?

Our mainly genre is Romanian dance-pop style, the so-called Popcorn.Thisstyle was invented by Romanians in the years 2007-2008 and fast conquered the international charts. We write our own songs, from the first chords to the last adjustments.

If You Could Describe Your Music In One Word, What Would It Be And Why?
Sunny. Our music is colored and shinny like a sunny day. When you listen one of our songs, you instantly think about summer, sea, sunny days. That’s our purpose: to remind you of beautiful things.
Who Is Your Favourite Band?
We would say that Sunrise Inc is our favourite band, but it would be a little bit narcissist : )) just kidding. Adi: I like The Wanted- not only as a band, also as a great team and management; Rihanna is a great artist too. Silviu: I like Enrique Iglesias.
We Have Seen You Get Along With The Band Akcent. How Would You Describe It?

Well, we are friends and work colleagues. Mihai from Akcent is also our manager from the beginning of 2013. We are making a great team together, he is a great person, maybe that’s why we get along so good.
Your Band Member Mihai Left The Band. What Can You Tell Us About It?
As many of you may know, we are two now: Adi and Silviu. We are in this formula from the beginning of 2013, when we decided with our ex-colleague to go our separate ways. We have a saying: “This is how it was meant to be”. Mihai decided to do something else and we decided to go on with this project, because this is what we do and we love it. So, from now on, Sunrise Inc means Adi and Silviu.
With Whom Would You Like To Collaborate?

We had collaborations with many artists from Europe and we are planning future collaborations with other artists, but let’s not disclose everything from now; we’re keeping the mystery?We have a lot of surprises for our listeners all over the world.
Who’s Your Musical Icon And Influence?
I don’t think that there’s an icon, but the most of the musical inspiration comes when you’re in love. In most of our songs, we write about love, about that Mysterious girl or that Spanish girl -Niña that wins your heart from the very first look. In addition, every time we have tours and we get to know different cultures and languages, they fascinate us and we get inspiration for our future songs. Maybe we will make a song in your language too, as we are planning of writing songs in an African dialect and in Hindi.
Do You Guys Always Wanted To Be Singers?
We have to say that this is our dream come true. What’s not to like about singing? You get to make beautiful music that speaks to your soul, and to the souls of others. You get to make other people happy with your music. We just love it!
What Struggles Did You Face As A Musician And How Did They Affect Your Music Career?
Well, we think that every musician in the world faced at least one struggle in his career. We have a say: that musician who didn’t encountered struggles in his career is not an artist ?We’ve been through difficult times, but every time we overcame all the problems.
So, Is There Any Surprise Coming Up For The Fans?

The year 2013 is announced to be a great year regarding Sunrise Inc's productions, music, video releases and international tours! So, stay tuned!
Do You Have Any Tour Plans?
In the near future, we will set up a tour in India, also in Tunisia, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Albania and we have some requests from USA and South America. In addition, maybe we will have the chance to come in Pakistan too. It would be great.
What’s The Sweetest Thing Your Fans Have Done For You?

We get a lot of things from our fans, one more sweet than the other. We have paintings with Sunrise Inc, bracelets, even invented award discs from our fans ? We also received letters from many of our fans all over the world. However, we think that the coolest thing is when we meet our fans whom we’ve spoken on the internet at one of our concerts. We keeping touch with most of our fans and we hope to see them at our next concerts.
What Has Been The Best Experience You Have Had So Far As A Band?
We think that the biggest experience not just for us, but for the every artist in the world is the moment when you are on stage and you sing together with your fans that know each every part of your songs. This is the greatest feeling ever, way much above any award or any other professional achievement.
Where Do You See Your Musical Career 10 Years From Now?
At least one position in Top Hot 100 Bilboard and more than 1000 concerts abroad. As we like travelling, we will see ourselves touring in every tiny place of this Mother Earth, because we have the chance to meet amazing people, amazing places and such different cultures. It's really great to see that your music is appreciated all over the world and we want to feel that kind of warmth from many more diverse places and people.
Any Message To The Readers?
Through this interview, we’d like you to know how much we appreciate listening our music.
Your opinions are very important for us, so feel free to give any advise, suggestions. You can write us on email: or on our Facebook Page: We are trying to make good music and we hope that we will surprise you every time as we did until now. See you on Facebook and Instagram, on Youtube, Twitter; we will let you know what’s going on with Sunrise Inc. We look forward to come in Pakistan and meet all our fans & friends there!

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