Singer/Actor Andre Bellos

August 24, 2013
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Let’s start off by catching up! It has been a year since your last interview w/ Teen ink, what has been going on since then?
-A lot has happened since the last time I talked to you guys and I have been having so much fun, so happy to be back.

What music project(s) are you currently promoting?
-I am currently promoting the music video release of my new single “Explode” and I also just released my debut album called “Mythology “on August, 24th.

Everyone love’s your new single, “Explode remix” You released a music video to an alternate version of the song. Why did you do that?
-I wanted to show two different sides of myself musically. There’s this side of me that loves to dance, but there’s also a side to me that is very shy and introverted.

Are we going to be seeing any new videos, or hearing any new singles off the album?
-Yes! I have a new single coming out October 1st called “Say something” I am really excited about it because there will be a 2nd music video for that song as well.

Are we going to be seeing any new acting roles for you?
-Absolutely, I actually got cast in a murder mystery series called “Double cross” It airs in September on I.D Channel.

Who or what has inspired you to be a part of the entertainment industry?
-There so many things and so many people that inspire me every day. One thing that inspires me is other artists; music has changed so much from the 90’s. I enjoy watching the new crop of entertainers following their dreams, which is the whole meaning behind my message of “trying”.

Do you have any family members who are entertainers as well?
-I do, I actually have a cousin who is out in Hollywood, CA and his name is “DeWalt”. Super talented performer and great cousin, his grandfather is actually Motown legend Jr. Walker. Check him out at

Where do the ideas for your dance routines come from?
-My ideas come from the universe, I am just a vessel and god is working through me.

Do you write your own music lyrically?
-I write all my own lyrics but I have worked with other songwriters in the past. I love to collaborate because it makes the experience that much more special.

What do you think of this new trend of “cyber bullies”?
-I think it is terrible and very scary for those on the receiving end of that online negativity. Growing up I was bullied by my peers all through my adolescents and teens. Seeking refuge in the arts was a great escape for me. Anyone out there being bullied at home, school, or on the internet should report it immediately. Finding a hobby or being involved in after school programs is a great way to take that energy and center it in to something positive.

Will you be going on tour again this year?
-I will be going on tour again this year in December and it will carry over into the following year of January and February 2014. It’s called “The Mythological” tour and will be exclusive to the downtown Chicago nightclubs. I was extremely inspired by Drakes “Club paradise” tour and would like to do something similar for Chicago.

What do you want to say to your loyal fans out there?
-Team Andre B. get ready to get your Greek god and goddess on! I love you all!

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