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Mice and Rats are Different

May 30, 2018
By Mouse_mouser BRONZE, Keizer, Oregon
Mouse_mouser BRONZE, Keizer, Oregon
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Mice & Rats are Different
You know those furry creatures? No, not a pet cat or dog. They have a hairless tail, the name means food thief. It’s a MOUSE !  Now make that creature bigger. Now it's a rat! Could a big mouse be called a rat? Could a small rat be called a mouse? Ehhh. Not really. They may look the same and do the same things, but mice and rats are very different. Yeah, there's the obvious ones like size and appetite, but rats and mice are way more different than what  people think.
First of all, mice are smaller and more on the wild side. They aren't as domesticated as other pets like a cat or dog. Mice are notorious to bite their owners. But if they are trained or just really nice, mice can be amazing pets.  But keep in mind that a mouse would only bite you if it feels threatened or scared. Rats also will bite if it is scared as well.While there are more rats in the world than mice, there are only 51 species rats unlike mice witch have 1300 different species.
Mice also have different predators. Rats, being the bigger member of the rodent family, their pretoretors must be big enough to eat and swallow them. Rats have predators like big snakes, hawks, ect… But mice being smaller have lot of different types of predators that would love to gobble them up if they had the chance. Mice have to deal with small and large snakes, crows, eagles, big types of spiders and more.
But, even though with all these differences, mice and rats are still very much alike. Mice and rats are alike because they both like to eat some of the same things like, ant, carrots, corn and seeds. Rats and mice also are in the rodent family. Being in the rodent family means they have lots of things that are alike. Members of the rodent family means that their teeth never stop growing, they have long or no tails and can make their burrows. Rats and mice also are both nocturnal. This is one of the downside of mice and/or being pets.  

But even though mice and rats are different, they are still alike at the same time. They both are amazing, loving, and caring pets. But make sure that next time when you see a mouse or a rat,  make sure you can tell the difference before you run screaming  for the phone to call the exterminator.

The author's comments:

I have 3 mice at home and I love to carry them in my pockets wherever i go! Most people that see them say, ËW A RAT!"Then I must explain to them thats its a mouse and shes my pet. Lots of people still seem to think that rats and mice are the same even though their not. :D

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