Splash of water at Little Long Lake

April 14, 2009
By Bailey Derenne BRONZE, Two Rivers, Wisconsin
Bailey Derenne BRONZE, Two Rivers, Wisconsin
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Splash! A cold rush of reality was thrust upon me as I plunged into the mucky water. It was one of my first experiences tubing at Little Long Lake in Wabeno, WI. It was a thrilling, but intense moment, which I shared with my friend Rachel.

Rachel and I grabbed our life jackets and our towels. We ran outside ready to go. We slapped our towels onto the green plastic chairs. Running into the water we flew into the air and jumped on the tubes.
Rachel’s dad shouted, “Ready?” We put our thumbs up for yes. He drove off slowly then speed up instantly. We both went around the lake one full time. Then, we planned our fall. WE counted, 1…2…3…! Rachel and I both fell off at the same time. We were still in the water waiting for the boat to arrive. The boat shifted gears as it turned around for us to climb up onto the tubes. Rachel was a natural at getting onto the tubes. She should be, as she has been tubing for years. I, on the other hand, was just learning. It took me forever to grasp onto the tube and actually stay on. I felt like a fool! I grabbed the handle and Rachel took my other hand. She helped pull me out of the lake and that is how I finally got onto the tube. I was so relieved to be on the tube, at last. My arms had felt like taffy, like someone was pulling my arms on both sides.
Even though I was so exhausted, I was ready to go again. FROOM! He started the boat.
“Ready?” asked Rachel’s Dad.
Rachel and I replied, “Yes.”
Off we went around the lake again.
I replied to Rachel, “We have to go around at least once before we fall off again. I am so tired.”
Rachel responded, “O.K.”
We fell off many more times to come. Near the end, Rachel’s dad sped up the boat before we docked the boat onto the pier. He was trying to make Rachel fall off. But, I fell off instead because I started to stand up. Rachel was laughing for a very long time.
My head popped out of the water. I took a huge gasp of air. I could not get back onto the tube because my feet were tangled on the string connected to the tube and the boat. I finally got untangled and was relieved. We called it a day went it inside to dry off. My experience I learned from going to Rachel’s cabin was, try new things even when you’re scared or unsure. It could be something you really enjoy. So, just do it!

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