Lost Angel

April 14, 2009
By Anonymous

The night before “that day”, my cousin, Kenzie, slept over at my house. We heard the ambulance go speeding down Mishicot Road but we didn’t know that it was going to my Uncle Bobby’s house.

What had happened was that my aunt passed out in the garage of their house. She SMACKED her head on the hard concrete ground.
The next morning, I woke up. My mom and dad weren’t home so I called them.
“Where are you guys?” I asked.
We’re at the hospital in Green Bay by Aunt Kris.
I didn’t think it was going to be as bad as it turned out. Things aren’t always what they seem.
When they got home my mom’s eyes were all red. I knew something bad was about to happen. They didn’t tell me right away because my cousin was still there. After about a couple minutes my cousin left with my Aunt Patsy and Uncle Lance. I was looking out my bedroom window watching them walk out the door very slowly and put their bags in the back of their black truck. Then my mom gradually walked in my room and asked me to come in her room so we can talk.
She told me that my aunt passed away that morning at the hospital and that they weren’t there because she fell but because she had a tumor in her brain. The doctors didn’t catch it in time.
I burst into tears and flung myself into my mom’s arms. I just stood there crying. My sister didn’t react quite as fast as I did. I think it took her a while to take all of this in.
A couple weeks after, we went to the Klein and Stangel Funeral home. We saw her laying there motionless in the long, brown casket. A lot of people gathered in a tiny room. We watched a video about her life. I looked at my uncle and he was crying. Then I burst into tears again because of the look on my uncle’s face.
Tuesday, September 6th. It was the first day of fifth grade. The first day at a new school. The last day I would see my aunt.

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