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Gas V.S. Hybrid V.S. Electric V.S. Hydrogen

May 7, 2018
By CarGuruGuy BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
CarGuruGuy BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
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Conventional internal combustion engines require Petroleum Gasoline or Diesel fuel. The byproduct of theses engines is Carbon monoxide or CO2. These gases are very harmful to the environment and to us. The gases get trapped in the stratosphere and become greenhouse gases and ultimately lead to climate change and many negative consequences and effects on the environment. Such as increase in temperature, SMOG, and air pollution.

There have been many improvements to today's vehicles to reduce their emissions such as Catalytic Converters (or CAT) that filter out many of these harmful chemicals. However they require replacing after some time and must be disposed of. Which can still cause pollution.

Hybrid Vehicles have greatly reduced their emissions by primarily relying on an electric motor to propel the vehicle in tandem with a smaller internal combustion engine. This method has ,once again reduced emissions greatly, but still can cause harm to the environment.

Full electric vehicles have completely eliminated their emissions by replacing the conventional combustion motor with an electronic one. This results in more consistent torque output and no harm on the environment. However, they still have flaws. Flaws such as short charge range and potentially long recharge time.

There is another alternative. The Hydrogen Combustion Engine. The Hydrogen combustion engine works in a very similar way to the standard gasoline engine. However, in place of the petroleum gasoline, we have hydrogen. This results in negative emissions with no Co2 output. When you mix Hydrogen (H) Oxygen (O2) and burn you make water (H2O). There are no harmful gases released into the atmosphere. The water can be captured and potentially reused. Through a process the Hydrogen atoms can be separated from the O2. The Oxygen can be released back into the atmosphere. Thus we have Negative Emissions.

Burning Hydrogen in place of Gasoline can also result in much more power output.

Hydrogen is a much more volatile substance than gasoline resulting in more combustion and more horse power. Just like Nitromethane, It adds much more bang than ordinary gasoline.

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