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My First Kiss at Disney World

April 30, 2018
By Click99843 BRONZE, Defiance, Ohio
Click99843 BRONZE, Defiance, Ohio
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In seventh grade my friends forced me to date a guy I didn’t even know.  I just went along with it because it was my first year at a new school, and I wanted to make friends.  We were shy and awkward and didn’t really talk with each other.  We decided to end it because of how shy and awkward we were, but for some reason we came back to each other.  After coming back to each other after four times, we realized that we should resolve our petty differences and try to make it work.  Little did I know that he would be a part of my favorite memory.

In sophomore year our band traveled to Disney, Florida.  At the time I had dated the same guy on and off since seventh grade, but since it was a “junior high relationship,” we didn’t really talk or interact with each other, only through Facebook.  We started dating again in February 2016, two months before our band trip to the humid Florida.  The second day of Disney, the band experienced the Magic Kingdom Park of Disney World.  The small group that I was with consisted of my two best friends at the time and the guy I had dated for almost five years. 
Around 9:00pm when we all stumbled and became hungry.  We decided to go to a café where all of us just ordered greasy chicken tenders and oily fries.  The café rested about a mile from the famous Cinderella castle so that we could watch the fireworks from afar.  In a swift sudden movement, my boyfriend drivingly grabbed my hand, threw out both of our lunches, and dragged me out of the café. “Let’s go!” he exclaimed, as he dragged my hand into a crowd of people and began zooming fast like a person who is late for a flight.  The amethyst fireworks already started to go off, and we almost ran an unknown destination.  He shifted me to the front entrance of the Neptune castle and smiled at me with his hazel eyes for three seconds. ‘Is he going to kiss me?’ I thought.  We both closed our eyes before he tenderly pulled me closer and kissed me. He kissed me. My legs were jello, and I was going to melt. The butterflies in my stomach started to fly as the booming fireworks had ended, and it briskly became dark.  Afterwards, everyone clapped and shouted because the fireworks had just ended, so it was very loud and very crowded. People swarmed everywhere, hurling into us and racing to be the first ones to quickly get away from the castle.  My boyfriend and I slowly meandered to the gift shop where we could meet up with our friends.  The giant smile on his face was unforgettable.  He remained so happy because he finally gained the courage to kiss me.  He was scooting around all over the place, acting like a complete goofball. 

In the gift shop, he proceeded to place a bright pink Minnie mouse ear headband onto his head as we all laughed hysterically.  We immediately decided to buy cute, soft, matching couple t-shirts on which his said, “I’ll be your Mickey” and mine said, “I’ll be your Minnie.” We were both so happy in that never forgotten moment.  Our smiles were so big Disney visitors could see them from a mile away.  We strayed to check out with the items we had just found when his face drew blank, like the butterflies in his stomach died. “What is wrong?” I asked him and he responded, “I think I threw away my retainer without realizing it!” In that moment we both realized that he had quickly thrown out the trays of food that we had eaten for dinner quickly before dragging us to the castle.  “Oh no!” We both shouted in that jaw dropping moment.  I gave him money for a new retainer as I felt bad that he had threw it out. 

To say thank you for giving him money, the next day he bought me this beautiful bright cherry necklace that had the shape of Mickey Mouse ears and inside was a heard and the letter M, which stood for the first initial of my first name.  The night was so magical, and I will never forget the magnificent fireworks, the smile on his face, and how the stars became brighter on the night that he kissed me.

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