Going Upnorth

April 14, 2009
By caitlyn matte BRONZE, Two Rivers, Wisconsin
caitlyn matte BRONZE, Two Rivers, Wisconsin
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Ugh! No way. I don’t want to do that! I can’t believe it! Those were my thoughts when my dad told me we were going up north to our land we have in Upson. I HATE going up north! Little did I know that this time would be different... This time I would have the time of my life.
My sister, my dad, my dad’s best friend (Chris, who has been like a father to me since the day I was born) and I spent all night getting ready to up north but the time morning rolled around I was very tired I must of only got an hour of sleep. It was hunting season so we had a lot me packing to do then we thought we did. It was the longest 5 hour drive I ever been on. It didn’t help that there was four people crammed in the bench seat of my dad’s old red pick-up-truck. At about 6pm somewhere around, then all I know is that the sun was setting behind the trees and the sky turned a purplish pink and boy was I tired. We finally arrived to Upson. We went to the same Motel we go to every year and lucky enough The Badge Motel had only one room left. It was the smallest room they had it had a small kitchen, 2 bedrooms, and not much else. We took it. The guy who owned the hotel used to creep me out so much I was scared to go to the front desk. Whenever you walked past him you could feel his beady eyes follow your every step. It seemed like he was just looking for reasons to talk to you. The first night we got there I ignored the owner and went straight to sleep. When I woke up at 3am, I looked out the window and it must have snowed 6inches in the 8 hours I slept! I woke my sister up first because I knew she would take the longest to get ready. Just like she always does at home. Then I woke my dad up and then Chris. Everyone was cranky in the morning so I didn’t bother to tell them to look out the window. I thought “well they can figure it out for themselves.” It took 10 whole minutes to get the old pick up truck heated up. Even though we were all packed in our neon orange hunting gear and crammed together inside the truck it still was a little chilly. It was only a 15 minute drive to the land we hunted on from our Motel. When we got there my sister and my dad went one way and me and Chris went the other. I wasn’t old enough to hunt on my own so Chris came with me.

We had our tent with us, it was tied down to a sled so it could slide easier threw the snow. We must have walked for a mile till we finally found a big hill. This hill was huge! Chris and I started walking up the hill slowly. My legs started hurting to the point where I thought they might give out and have me roll down the hill. Chris must have thought so to because he said,

“Ugh! I have to take a break my legs are killing me.”

“I’ll take the sled and I will meet you at the top,” I responded.
I got to the top first and I untied the camouflage tent from the sled. It blended right in with the trees and bushes behind us. Chris caught up to me after a couple minutes and together we sent up the tent. The ground was frozen so we had a hard time pounding the pegs into the ground. Once we got the tent all set up Chris realized that we forgot the chairs! The sun still hasn’t rose so we decided to tough it out and wait a moment. Even though I had some heavy duty gloves on my hands were still as cold as ice. Chris must have noticed that I was freezing my butt off because he took off his gloves and gave me some hand warmers and his jacket. At first I didn’t want to take them because he was going to be cold but he assured me that he was burning up from the walk up the hill. I finally gave in and put his Hunters Orange jacket on over mine.

Half an hour after we set up the tent you could just see the sun rising. Since we had a good spot up on the hill the sun would rise just above the tree tops. “Want to watch the sunrise with me?” Asked Chris.

“Well I don’t think I have a choice now do I?” I responded

“Yes you do, you could look away and not watch the sunrise.” Suggested Chris

“Well, I love watching the sunrise so of course I’ll watch it with you.” I replied.

“Alright here it comes don’t blink or you’ll miss it!” exclaimed Chris.
The sun rose just about the trees and it was the most beautiful sight you could imagine. The sun reflected light off the snow on the trees and the snow in front of us shown like it was covered in little baby crystals. I wished I could have stayed in the moment forever. It was just the best time you could have, being up so early in the morning with someone who you care about not caring about homework or friend drama. You could honestly get lost in the moment, that’s how beautiful it looked. Chris said “Enjoy it while its here because you wont see a sunrise like this in Two Rivers.”

I responded, “I would rather live up here that little old TR.”
The day went by fast mostly because Chris and I both fell asleep in the tent and woke up after dark. So much for hunting that day. The rest of the weekend went by slowly I stayed in the cabin and took hot bubble baths while everyone else was hunting. Now, that I think about it I most those days going up north. I spent so much time complaining about going up there that now I wish I didn’t. I wish that I would have spent more time with my dad while he was still here. Some days I think about going back up there but I forgot how to get up there and no one else seems to remember. It just shows that you got to have fun while you can instead of complaining.

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