People should overcome their fear

April 19, 2018
By K.nakamoto BRONZE, Ho Chi Minh City, Other
K.nakamoto BRONZE, Ho Chi Minh City, Other
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Do you have any fear that won’t get off your mind? When you were little you had this nightmare that you still remember after years and years. Well, that’s my case and I’m still scared of what I dreamed ten years ago. Many people have a problem facing their fear, but people should overcome those fears to make their life better. People should overcome their fear because fear can limit people’s full potential, people should not think about their fear because they can never fully run away from it, and lastly people should know that fear actually makes you stay away from danger.

The first reason why people should overcome their fear is that fear can limit people’s full potential. Many people trust in their personal growth and try to become a better person to have a better life as they get grow up, but fear blocks all of that by stopping people progressing in their life (Chua). Fear can control your thoughts, decisions, feelings, and their behavior. Don’t let that happen to you because it can slow down your mental growth. If you are one of the people who gets driven by fear easily and can’t really use their full potential of what they can do, meditation can help you relax your mind. It can help you calm yourself and it gives the inner strength to go against any kind of situation. Meditation can help you drop your anxiety about your unknown future to the present moment. “Meditation was a savior during my MBA exams. Earlier, I would always fear forgetting all that I studied. But after I learned to meditate, my MBA exams went very smooth and the fear of failure magically vanished,” says Sahib Singh. As you can see meditation can help you get back your full skill by calming your mind.

People can never fully run away from their fear. People should know that fear always exists in your mind. A research shows that 99% of fear that people face today are non physical fears which means fear that only exists in our head (Chua). For example, public fear is the most common fear among many people. Some people fear this because of the thought of slipping up, people judging you, embarrassment that will occur. These fears all happens through your mind. We think we’re in danger when we’re really not. That’s why rather than avoiding and running away from fear, people should learn how to overcome their fear. If you’re facing the fear you're just wasting your time and energy facing that. Each minute of time is precious and you can never get back the lost time.

Lastly, fear can save us from danger. Many people think fear just scares people, but that’s not what it all does. Fear can actually help us get away from danger. When someone faces fear, our adrenal glands which are right above our kidneys release adrenaline into our bloodstream and causes the reaction in our body. (Chua) This makes our oxygen flow and blood increases in our muscle, which makes us run faster. It can also dilate out eyesight, so we could see better around us.

From my own personal experience when I used to live in Cambodia, I used to live about three minutes far away from the school. I realized I forgot something important in my school locker at about eight at night, so I decided to walk there since the school was close and the school was always open. I was able to get my notebook, but on my way back home I heard someone screaming at me and I didn’t realize it was a school guard. I probably ran my fastest and my heart was beating so fast and obviously, I got really scared. In the end, I was able to run back to my house just in 30 seconds where it takes three minutes if you walk. This shows how fear can sometimes save us from the danger because I was able to run away when I almost got caught by the security guard.
As a result, from all the evidence shown, people should overcome fear instead of avoiding or running away from it or else it can stop people’s progress in their life. If someone is having a problem facing their fear, but trying to go against it, meditation is probably the best idea to take some time to relax and calm yourself. People need to understand what fear is and get used to it.

The author's comments:

I wrote about this topic because when I was little I had this really bad dream that still scares me, so I wanted to find out a way to prevent from it.

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