Why did this have to happen?

April 12, 2009
By Anonymous

Well, I was on vacation for my mom's birthday when I heard a phone ring. At first I thought it was my cell phone and said "It's probably my boyfriend". I ran inside the hotel room and realized it was my mom's cell phone. Then I thought uh-oh. It was my aunt, so I rushed outside an handed it to my mom. I was eager to find out what happened. Then I thought " Oh, it's probbably another Happy Birthday". Then my mom's face was nervous and shocked. Then it hit me... something was really wrong.

After a long five minutes my mom said to me and my dad "Your grandma fell and broke her hip...but that's all we know so far". I was freaked out.

Things were ok for the most part. A few months after the fall my Grandma still couldn't walk. But she held in there and was getting better. I thought she was going to be able to walk and go back to her house.(She was in an assisted living complex). She was a little foggy, well what I mean is that she would sometimes ask the same questions over agian, but she was ok over all.

That sure changed.

Then as more month's passed her health got worse. Not only her hip... It was her blood pressure,heart,etc. I kept my faith strong in God, praying for her to get better...which didn't happen. Only after about March 2009 did she get worse. I couldn't believe it. Her heart was bad everthing. When I went to see her she couldn't open her eyes or talk. I was so sad. My mom saw how sad I was and called my school to make sure I was ok. I had to see a guidence counselor. I do NOT like him. He told me inside I would have to say goodbye. In my head I said "heck no".

Then on April 6th, 2009...she passsed away. I was devestated. I could not stop crying. I was mad and sad at the same time. She was the best Grandma ever. Then I said... Why did this have to happen?

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