Technology: Entertainment With a Cost

April 18, 2018
By MiGuEllllllllll BRONZE, U.S.A, Vermont
MiGuEllllllllll BRONZE, U.S.A, Vermont
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Technology is damaging our children and what are parents doing. Buying them the new iPhones and iPads when they should be restricting the use of technology to a reasonable amount of time. “Technology is like a continuous train that will never stop, it is our job to decide when we get out” (Rowan). I too believe that we are the ones who decide when we use technology and when we leave it aside.

Technology has facilitated our daily lives, by creating better health and easier communication system(s). It has also taken away the necessary needs of a human being which are moving, eating and sleeping. Technology has mostly taken up two of those (moving and sleeping) and it's already halfway there on the third one. Children basically rely on technology for everything and that is taking away the best thing a child can have as a kid - imagination. Technology is also limiting challenges that your body needs such as interacting, moving, playing.
Technology has many awful things about it and some of these things are, an increase in bullying, a compromised identity and lack of social bonds as well as privacy. “A lot of kids go to social media to escape their reality because being online can change who you are for a while, but what type of life are you creating yourself if you are one person in social media and a completely different person in real life”(Kellog). I think that the reason that kids go on social media to escape their reality is because they might have some family issues at home or in their academic life. Two physical problems that technology can cause are, children who are exposed to violent video games have a high state of adrenaline and stress and children who overuse technology usually have shaking symptoms as wells as an increase in breathing and heart rate.

Basically, every winter my family and I have dinner the night of Christmas Eve and we have been doing this since before I was even born. But, last year’s gathering was one that I will never forget because I specifically remember that instead of talking while we were dining, every single of one of my relatives was with their cell phone.

It was like nobody was there.

Nobody spoke or did anything other than touch their screen for about an hour, and that was really disappointing for me. My grandpa is sick and old so it's very rare that he spends time with all of his children and grandchildren at the same time and place therefore it's always been a very special night. Not anymore, because instead of relating with each other, everyone was relating with the cellphones.

Technology is infinite and there is so much to be said about it to children. However, all parents should teach their children the dangers there are online. One of the dangers is how we have to respect the internet and its power. Providing children a solid technology foundation is really helpful for them in the future. (Nuez)

I believe that providing kids with 1 hour of technology a day is enough, however extending that time can lead to many health problems

Technology has had a huge impact on the 21st century and it couldn’t have advanced any faster than in the last 40 years. All of the atrocious factors about technology should clear our vision to see the shady side of technology and the threat it poses to humans. Technology has lodged an enormous place in our lives, so taking it away, will be like taking away water from plants. Do you want to control technology, or for technology to control you?

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