April 11, 2009
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I glared at my Grandmother's face "Why was she picking me up after school?" She awkwardly put my brother and I in her red sports car. Something wasn't right. We were chattering in the back seats as my Grammy kept a straight face.We tried to make her talk but she just kept her eyes on the road. We pulled up to a big place. A hospital. Something wasn't right. My Grammy walked up to a woman and calmly asked "Where's room number [??]?"

The lady looked at my brother and me. She nodded her head no. "The room is upstairs on floor 3. But Miss, these children aren't allowed in that area. They will have to stay here as you visit this person." The lady rudely pointed at our faces. My face turned beat red. My Grammy's eyes turned red as she whispered something to the lady. The lady's eyes became big and mouth turned into an O. She weakly smiled, "You kids go with Grandma upstairs, okay?" We weirdly nodded back. Something wasn't right.

In the elevators, my Grammy's eyes became red and puffy. Something was really not right. I stared at my white sneakers as the elevator rose. My throat started to close as the doors opened. In big letters read "ICU". Something wasn't right. My knees started shaking and my heart started to pound. "This is just a nightmare.. Who cares if anything happens. I will wake up in the middle of class..." I thought--- wished. We walked (or technically stumbled with our shaky knees) down a long hallway. We were silent and the only thing you could hear was the squeaking of our sneakers. My Grammy sort of sniffled as she grabbed our hands. We turned the corner. Something wasn't right.

There she was. My mother. Sobbing. In the hallway. With relatives from all over. My heart skipped a beat. My throat almost fully closed. I started crying. Something wasn't right. I didn't know what was happening but i knew if my mother who never cried was crying-- it was bad.

My mother sobbed as she ran and hugged me and my brother. She stopped crying to peep "Your father-- He had a heart attack. He's close to dead." I stared at the wall behind her. My life flashed before me. Who will walk me down the aisle when i get married? What do i say to my children when they ask 'where's Grandpa?'. What do i tell my friends with their wonderful daddys? Something was not right.

She brought me into the ICU room.All i heard was "beep...beep..." coming from different directions. We were lead into a small room. More relatives were there crying. I hugged my Grandma (not Grammy). My Grandma was my father's mom. She lost her daughter (to breast cancer) and her other son and daughter (not my dad) won't talk to her. She lost all her children. She only had memories. She took my hand. We walked into a small room. There laid my father. My mother then stood behind me. I sobbed almost screaming " Daddy.. Wake up. Please!! Don't go! I want you! I love you!" My mom told me to stop screaming and i ran to my father and kissed him. He was pale and had tubes and wires hanging from all over him. The doctor said he had barely any chance of living. Something wasn't right.

I went back to the room with the relatives. I got hugs and kisses form everyone. Many hours later, i kissed my daddy and went to my Grammy's house with my brother to sleep. I went to the hospital at 2:45 and left at 11:00. We didn't have pajamas but we slept in our clothes fine. I only had nightmares that night. Something wasn't right.

In the morning i smelled toast and bacon cooking in my Grammy's kitchen. I skipped there happily until i remembered.. Yesterday wasn't a nightmare. I poked my Grammy and asked "How's Daddy?" She turned as face turned red and akward. "One hour after we left.. He- he-" i knew what she was going to say. I laid on the floor sobbing. Something wasn't right.

A while later, we drove home to see my mother. Her friends slept over at her house that night to comfort her. My mother was upset yet seemed happy to know one thing:
In time of need, we have people there for us.
But Still this buzzed in all of our minds:
Why? We never said bye to him. Or even knew he was dying. It was because he never went to the doctor, but he was fine. Why? Why? WHY?

I went to school the next day: Monday. Something wasn't right My friends ran up to me.. hugged me... Cried to me.. Teachers hugged me... I felt like i was the queen yet i was the slave.

Tomorrow was the day. The day i will have to face the number one fear. Going to the funeral home then the graveyard. The worst thing was saying Goodbye.

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booklover said...
Mar. 8, 2010 at 5:09 pm
wow... i'm so sorry it made me cry
SheilaZyra said...
May 3, 2009 at 8:09 pm
That's really sad. I missed him as I read it.
nenarae'1216 said...
Apr. 15, 2009 at 7:34 pm
this poem is so and full of emoition it reminds me of my aunt she died 2 years ago on {4-16-07} she had 2 kids one was 14 and the other just turned 16 the 16 year old just had a babie and things were going great no-one ever thought she was gonna die at such a oung age?
musicgirl757 This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Apr. 16, 2009 at 9:11 pm
This is truley a masterpiece you have here. I'm not just saying that, this is totally amazing! Like, wow. I was thisclose to tears.
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