April 11, 2009
By Melissa Eang BRONZE, Hammonton, New Jersey
Melissa Eang BRONZE, Hammonton, New Jersey
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His memories still stick in the back of my mind and once in awhile, I dig in there to enjoy those bittersweet moments spent with him again. Sometimes, I smile ecstatically at the sight of his face in my head and never do I want it to disappear. However, on other days, the thought of him creates a storm of rain that never seems to stop dripping from my brown eyes. On other days, when the memories aren’t so clear, the fading of them bombard me with pain inside and leaves just a cloudy image of his smile. At times, when I’m all alone, I just like to think back to those rushing days we had together; days where I thought our laughter would never end.

It began in writing class on a sunny day where winds would brush your hair and fresh air would fill your nose. However, the classroom smelled of sweat and was only filled with tired students, too hot to function nor learn. I was new to the school and it had been a whole month already, but I still couldn’t manage to make one new friend. There in that classroom, I tried to stay awake as the teacher went on and on about things I can’t seem to remember, but in back of me was a voice that spoke purely and I guess curiosity got the best of me because I turned around. From then on, I never knew my life would alter in such a dramatic way! There he was talking to the girl next to him.

With wide eyes he looked at me, as if he saw a dog on a tree. I gave him back a confused look and that’s when I think he got angry. “Turn around and be quiet,” he commanded in a voice that was nearly close to a whisper. I slid back into my chair and faced front. A green-eyed, blond haired boy to the left of me giggled, so I couldn’t help but giggle, too. His name was Bryan, soon to have a nickname of Bry, and later on in the month we grew really close to become best friends. I found out later, by Bryan, that the boy behind me was named John and Bry told me not to worry, he said John was always like that. In relief to have a new friend, I wasn’t so scared to go to school anymore, but something inside of me didn’t want to go to writing class.

Eighth period again the next day, I literally had to drag myself into the classroom. However, as soon as I saw Bryan’s face, I knew writing wouldn’t be so bad. Throughout the month, John started to grow really close to us. We even talked out of school like on the computer or play games together. Even though sometimes he still scared me, not to mention that time where he stuck sticky notes all over my back, I still enjoyed his company in my life. John was rather unique though. His love for the word “chicken” was really weird and he made up weird things like “milk sharpies.” “It’s just a sharpie with a milk sticker on it,” I use to tell him, but he would laugh anyway and so would Bryan. Their laughter would always make me smile and feel joy build up inside.

Things, however, took a turn for the worst and on the 27th of March our friendship would soon be faded thoughts that flew endlessly in our young minds. John came to school one day and gave us the horrible news; he was moving. Bryan and I were clueless of what to do. We couldn’t stop this, but we couldn’t be jubilant about it either, so we decided to accepted it. Our last days spent with John were not as exciting as normal, but we did everything we could to remember his face for the last time, and the next day, he left. Bryan and I are still friends and we still keep in contact with John, but nothing can replace him. Memories of him still reflect back to me and I try to keep them close at all times. He will forever be in our memories, but most importantly, John will always be a friend. That type of guy is really hard to forget anyway.

The author's comments:
We still talk these days, but its so hard to see his words on the computer than hear them. Hopefully one day, i can reunite with a great friend like him again.

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