April 8, 2009
By MollyKate Blodgett BRONZE, Groveton, New Hampshire
MollyKate Blodgett BRONZE, Groveton, New Hampshire
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Okay, so most of us live in America, right? The land of the free. The land of the disposables. Factories are making everything you can imagine to be disposable. From toothbrushes, to baking pans, to cameras, and, people. Yes. People. You. and me. We get disposed. We get thrown away. & sometimes other people pick us up, and dust us off a little. One man's trash is another man's treasure. But, why were we in the trash in the first place?

There was something wrong with us. Like anything else disposable, when the newness wear off, when it's down to the bare essential, we don't want it anymore, we don't want to repair it, it'll be be the way it was before.

I'm going to use a really silly analogy here.. I recently bought a new bottle of hair spray. It's not disposable, but a few days ago, I almost threw it away. The first few times I used it, it worked perfectly, got the job done. But the newness started wearing off real quickly. It began to get clogged, it wasn't coming out so well. I could throw it away, but what a waste, right? I know there's something in there. I know there's nothing wrong with what's inside. If I could only figure out how to fix the sprayer, because I really want what's inside.

Some of us have been this bottle of hairspray before. When we start a friendship with somebody, we give a little, but as they dig deeper, we don't always want to give them what they want. So problems come up. they want to throw us away. We wish they wouldn't, if they'd just give it time, and work on getting into that precious, buried heart of yours.

I know I've been thrown into the dumpster a few times in my life. & everytime, I think I'm on my way back out, like somebody's got a hold of my arm, pulling me out of this hole. I'm coming clean from all the junk I picked up in the dumpster, they slowly let go, and I fall back down again, in the dumpster, with all the thing I don't need to cling to. They don't want to hold on, they see the ouside of me. She's broken and bruised, beyond fixure. But that's wrong, she can be fixed, and she will be. You can throw me away, but I'm not going to throw you away. When you come back around, I'm still going to be there, waiting for your apology. I'll stand up, all dirty & damaged, and I'll hug you, because secretly, I know you're just as dirty and damaged as I am. I know what's inside of you. & I'll figure out a way to get to it...

I know we all have our hard times, but we can't dispose of another. Humans are not meant to be disposed, and exchanged. A lot of us are going through similar things, so why don't we cling to one another, instead of throwing eachother away? Just because we're down for a while, doesn't mean that's the true us. It's like putting a tent up in the middle of a thunderstorm, it won't hold up, and it'll fill with water, but does that mean you throw it away, or exchange it for a new one? No. You're right. There's nothing wrong with the tent itself, it's the things going on around it that bring it down. But we don't dispose of the tent, we put it away until the storm passes, and we take it out on a better night, give it another chance. We don't judge that tent by it's performance that one night, and don't fight with it. This is the way it should be with you and me. I have my hard times, and my performance isn't always great, but I'm not disposable, so don't throw me away.

You know you can find that heart that's buried inside of me if you try hard enough. You know it's there. But just because your way of getting to it isn't working, doesn't mean it's not there, or you can't get to it. It is there. You just need to find the right way of getting to it.

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