Survival is What Matters

April 8, 2009
By amalh31 SILVER, Falls Church, Virginia
amalh31 SILVER, Falls Church, Virginia
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We survive on memories and imagination. We remember what we used to have and how it was good, and we imagine what we want and how it would be good. We’re always striving for something different, never settling for what we have.

Is it always good to be striving?

Some people say yes. Parents never really see what they’re really teaching their children. It’s never good. Under the circumstances that we live by, nothing is ever good enough.
In the end it all comes down to what life lies in your path. From there, a person will follow their path and do what they are meant to do.
If you are meant to survive a dozen bullets in your lifetime then bless your soul, you’re lucky.
If you don’t live to survive a dozen bullets, don’t be sad, you’re only gone because you have somewhere better to be. Apparently when that time comes, this world won’t be good enough anymore.
Well then, good, it shouldn’t be. There should be better things offered later on.
In the end you get what you deserve. If you deserve to die, then so be it; die, it’s only what is meant to happen. But if you shouldn’t die yet, you won’t. You will live a long life.

Never underestimate the time you have left on this planet, though. It runs out much faster than you think. Sometimes you have to run with it.
Through all the bad things that are going on in this world at this moment, at some point, I think everyone can look back and smile at something that happened.
Being happy is a gift. People take gifts for granted, sometimes returning them or not using them to the extent they should. To smile and laugh is something that people should take for granted. What people don’t realize is that gifts can go as easily as they come.
And so the world starts to fall apart. It is breaking down right in front of our eyes while we run and try to save it. Go green. Help the homeless. Stop global warming. Let the innocent live.
It’s all a plea for help that has come too late. We call this the end of the world.
One day the world will end, and none of us will remember what went wrong.
We went wrong, right from the start; we were the ones that went wrong. We went after the wrong things, we weren’t happy with what we had, and we always wanted more.
We started this. Now, how do we end it?
What’s funny is we don’t know. We are too ignorant to know how to end something once we’ve started it.
Now we just have to smile and endure it. Ignore all that is going on and take happiness for granted, because sooner than later we won’t be happy anymore. We will all cry and worry about what will come next and that will be the end.
We just have to smile. As bad as things may be, as long as we smile and put on a brave face it will be okay. You just have to make yourself believe it.
Just sit back, relax, smile, and wait for it to all be over. Don’t pay attention to what is going on; just be happy with what is instead of what isn’t.
It’ll all be over soon enough. Just sit back and relax. Breathe a little, even. You’ll find it comes in handy more than you think.
Now, are you ready to get through it all?
Here’s a hint: no isn’t the answer; not in this life it isn’t.

The author's comments:
This piece was written for a dear friend whose father recently passed. It is to show her, and everyone else, that you just have to keep going despite everything bad in the world, and that one day it will all be okay.

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