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Why Do Black People Still Try After All These Years?

March 28, 2018
By Anonymous

Life…. It’s a gift… a very funny gift… so why do we have to make it suck for the black people?

Black people have had it rough since the beginning of time. My lovely black people were nothing but property(slaves)...... only good for raising children, making meals, planting crops, and constructing buildings. Then we went from slaves to colored folk without rights. Then to n*****s with limited rights and not enough resources. Then back to colored folk but this time we had what we needed to thrive, we just didn’t get paid as much, if a group of us were seen together we became a “gang” or if we decided to go somewhere like the park we got harrassed.

Over the time we black people… I say black people but I mean black americans… have evolved. We are actors, business owners, dancers, singers, comedians, trendsetters, etc. Even though we have evolved and made things better for ourselves we still face things that would have brought our ancestors down.

On a day to day basis we face racial injustice and racism itself. The other day I was reading this article where this teenage black girl by the name of Cyntoia Brown was introduced to sex trafficking by her “boyfriend” and then later on killed the man that bought her before he raped her… she was sentenced to life in prison without the chance of parole and in the other part of the article this teenage caucasian boy killed some people but he had 5 years in prison and he was eligible for parole after he spent a certain amount of time in prison.

Then there was also a time in my life where I was bullied because i'm bisexual… not only am I bisexual but i’m a bisexual black woman. I reported everything that happened, not just to the school’s counselor but I went and reported everything to the police too. After reporting it so many times I finally lost my s***. I got into my first school fight. The girl pressed charges, I was put on probation, and everybody that pushed me to my limits got nothing. I… the little black girl who got verbally tortured(bullied) was put on probation for punching a girl in her face because I was tired of being bullied. These people got away with murdering my power station but yet I suffer the consequences. This is another form of racial injustice. I was bullied for being black… I reported every incident then boom… I’m suspended for doing what others didn’t do… I defended myself.

Out of everything that has happened not only to me but to my fellow black people we stand strong and pray to God for making us the strong human beings we are and we continue on with our lives.

Black people are the most underrated race out there. Over the break I was watching this documentary with my mom and it was talking about the life and hardships of black people and Paul Mooney said and I quote “Back in the slave days white people had ideas for things they didn’t know to build it, so they had the slaves make the blueprints for these ideas. If you didn’t make the blueprints for something and you don’t know how to build it then the thing you thought of isn’t your invention.” I continued to watch this fantastic documentary and I don’t remember this person’s name but she said and I quote “This nation that black people are shamed in wouldn’t exist or we wouldn’t have the things that we have today if it wasn’t for the black people.” This stuck to me because she was right. I mean if you look back and really listen to the stories and pay close attention to what was going on way back then, you will start to see that the slaves did everything, I mean from raising kids that was not theirs all way down to building a store, this country has benefited off of the work that the slaves have put into it. For instance the hair straightener, if the hot comb(inventor Madam Walker) wasn’t invented first the idea of the hair would have taken way longer to come around.

I’m going to conclude this and say that black people are the bread and butter of this nation and we have been shamed for years simply because we are black. We go on and pray and never let anyone bring us down. Slavery couldn’t stop us and this messed up nation won’t stop us simply because we don’t die, we multiply and until God himself tells us to stop because we have done our job and served the Lord we will keep pushing through and become better than we are today.

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I wrote it for creavtive writing.

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