The Superior Sex

April 7, 2009
By Anonymous

The argument has been passed back and forth, run to shreds and generally overdone: which gender is superior? It doesn’t take a genius to make it work. The truth of the matter is, the male of the species is the strongest. Generally speaking, strength is superiority. Ergo, males win.
The argument is a simple and as brief as that. Who fights timber into a relatively stable structure for living purposes? Who kills the food (otherwise known as ending up at the grocery store with every intention of trapping meat in the frozen food section)? Who suffers through the agonies of colorblindness and squeaky-voiced puberty?
Though the male is inelegant, coarse and stubborn, through his fierce determination, he achieves his goals, struggling against the nearly insurmountable odds presented by society, and the devious, "fairer sex." If people are only as great as their greatest achievements, then men surely are the best, having reached such incredible peaks with their limited talents.
A male is incapable of any sense of true fashion, yet he rises above this disability to conquer the business world. As one may observe, the CEOs of major companies are almost exclusively male. These creative, robust individuals have taken on society and created a niche for themselves. Having thoroughly applied themselves to achieve such auspicious positions, these males are justly rewarded. However, this is only one of many disabilities a male must fight through.
A male cannot understand the subtleties of gentle coercion though words, yet he still manages to find some way to sway an audiences. Through his sheer strength, he conveys his message, finding a way to reach the ears of non-believers. Alternately – and even more intelligently – he employs bribery.
A male cannot say anything but what he means, and still he has thrived in the political arena, overcoming his deficiency. Where this poor creature is utterly incapable of uttering fallacies, he has become most expert with the half-truths that characterize the rulers in politics.
He is a survivor, a fighter, an innovator. He bends the environment to his will and conquers the mountains that bar his way.
And he does it all because he's strong enough not to act too stupid.

The author's comments:
This piece is a response to a challenge posed by my technical writing teacher: I was to write an essay in satirical format supporting one of the sexes.

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