Mrs. King - Educator of the Year

April 7, 2009
By Ashley Loroff BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
Ashley Loroff BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
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It was freshman year. My heart was pounding. My nerves were jumping through my skin. It was scary enough being at a new school, with new friends. But now, I had all new teachers.
The first hour of the day, I had food and nutrition class with Mrs. King. Like most, I was nervous. I walked into the room and it was full of color. A loud, enthusiastic teacher stood at the front of the room. I thought to myself, if that’s my teacher this is going to be a great year.

Mrs. King started the year off on a good note. She made the class fun and I would never fall asleep in that class. I knew I liked to cook before I signed up for the class, and by taking this class, I learned more about cooking and she made me want to take more classes with her.

I was filling out my schedule for junior year. I heard Mrs. King was teaching culinary foods, so immediately I signed up for that class. Just like freshman year, she was enthusiastic about what she was teaching and I could see her true passion for cooking. Outside of school, she started the culinary club. Any students are welcome to join, and she gives freedom in the kitchen. She is there to help if anyone has questions and is flexible if you can’t make the meetings.
Junior year, I took Human Relations with Mrs. King. I was kind of worried about that class because I had to share personal experiences. I already knew Mrs. King, though, and she knew who I was and it made the class relaxed. I liked her teaching style. She would always get the students involved and played review games that got us up and moving around. She would give you time in class to finish your homework. Most teachers don’t give you that time.

If I ever had a problem, I could go to her and talk to her about anything. She is so personable and can be trusted. She is like a mom to her students. If I didn’t want to talk to my real mom, I could always talk to her and she would give me advice. That’s why I nominate Mrs. King for your competition.

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