Why I can't sleep at night

April 7, 2009
By Anonymous

What if I'm not who they think I am? Would they still accept me as they do now? Would they be as kind, as caring, as understanding? Would I be a whole new animal in their eyes?
Would they even be able to look at me?!
They see me as happy. A clutz. A hero. Someone who's not afraid to speak her mind. A helpless romantic. A beauty. A friend. A shoulder to cry on. They think I've got it all under control and tucked neatly beneath my hat, not a hair out of place. But they don't know what I know...
I'm a wreck. A freak. A hapless victim. A coward. A liar. A sneak. I'm all alone. I'm repulsive. I'm a pathetic excuse of an acquaintance. I'm as stable as a pile of cards, and just as reliable. I've got it all coming undone, and I try to use my tears as glue.

Some amazing girl I am.

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