March 26, 2018

There are many reasons that global warming is bad for….pretty much everything. Many places are losing their native wildlife. Others are losing their known climate. And others are most certainly becoming polluted and massively changed within our world, and it’s all because of one thing. People. Humans are causing the result of which the world is seeing a result in temperature increase and massive loss of flora and fauna, which are quite important to us. Yet one of the biggest problems with global warming is that the people causing it rarely let it cross their minds. And to most, if it does come across their minds, they don’t care. Yet there are few in the world that global warming and its effects on Earth seem to matter to. But they are only a small percentage willing to take time out of their lives to help stop global warming, or at least help the world to notice it’s there. In this essay, you will learn about the true effects of global warming and what it does to our planet, our wildlife, and our people.


The first reason that global warming is extremely damaging to our world is the effects it has on the environments. According to the National Snow and Ice Data Center, the Arctic Region has had an extreme temperature uprise in the past (estimated) 30 years, much more than the other regions on our planet. Global warming is caused due to the sunlight from our sun warming the Earth’s atmosphere’s surface, then getting pulled in by greenhouse gases to be sent back out and warming the Earth’s surface and lower atmosphere. This greatly is damaging Earth and the regions around the world. The Earth must sustain proper temperatures for proper climates in which certain biotic factors live. All biotic factors (living organisms) need the proper temperature and weather in their native climate, but humans have ruined it by producing unnecessary gases for their own luxury. Some people simply don’t realize the effects they’re having on other biotic factors, and don’t realize the extreme damage they are doing to their environment. The effects that humans are having on the climates and regions of the world is one way that people are ruining the world with global warming. Many people say that global warming doesn’t have an effect that is dangerous or important to our world. In my viewing, they are wrong because global warming is affecting us very badly. Many habitats and places are being destroyed. Ice is melting, sea level is rising, there are more storms ruining environments.

The second reason that global warming is destroying everything is that it is endangering our wildlife. Imagine all the adorable creatures out there, like bunnies, puppies, kittens, and any other animal found cute to you, could be gone someday due to us. Global warming with us is like pushing a button that gives us money, yet kills 10 puppies every minute. That is the danger to us and the animals. According to Global Warming: The Causes-The Perils-The Solutions by Bryan Walsh, oceans might become majorly acidic due to climate change. Think of all the animals that live in the ocean. A huge percentage of the oceans in the world has not been searched yet, there could be animals we don’t even know about killed by the acids that global warming puts in the oceans. The book also states on page 41, “There are 8(+) million unique species of life on the planet, if not far more…” This means that with our world in global warming, 8 MILLION world-known species could be gone someday because of US. Not even to mention the plants, for all those plant-lovers. The plants will be, as well as the animals and other wildlife will be destructed along with everything else. Many people don’t realize this, and/or do not think it is possible, but I have decided to think outside the box and imagine the future by viewing multiple studies. Maybe in later years when some of the beloved animals of our team are gone, maybe then people will realize the true damage they’re doing.

The final reason that humans are damaging the world with global warming is the humans are endangering themselves. According to Union Of Concerned Scientists, not just air pollution is included in this unfortunate uprise. Wildfires, dangerous heat waves, sea-level rise, extreme storms, and droughts are becoming much more common in our world as well known dangers throughout. With these problems in our world, humans, animals, and other wildlife will become endangered due to our foolishness and luxury wants. With global warming in our life, the world may crumble much faster than scientists predict. Or if the world didn’t break within sooner than scientists predict, the world would suffer throughout this horrible time period. In olden times in places, even noticed in York, there was a time that you could look up and clearly see the stars. Now in 2018, those times are just memories from older people who remember those times. Greenhouse gases have made it so only a few stars are seen in the night sky. Many don’t realize that someday we could all be gone: due to ourselves. With the world making thing harder for themselves, how will the people of Earth succeed in a successful life?

With these problems in our lives, some things will be gone. Many scientists are scared for the future for the fact that at some point, our world might be destroyed with what the people on it have done to it. We purely are just putting ourselves in danger. With the facts that the true effects of global warming are quite evil and it's destroying our planet, our wildlife, and our people, that we are truly just ruining everything for ourselves.

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