The Years Of Lies

April 6, 2009
By Anonymous

The truth is, friends suck when the aren’t real. You have no idea where you stand and they like you one day hate you the next. You have a different relationship with your mom and no one wants to talk to you. No one understands you and no one take the time to. They decided they don’t like you from the first conversation. Then they learn that you are a good person, you are trustworthy and that just because you aren’t going to follow them around like a lost puppy doesn’t mean that you are not a good friend. You are just an independent friend but no one-saw tat. It took them a while. You stand up for your supposed best friend and the minute the “cool crowd” was willing to take her in, she ran. Leaving you to look as a fool, which in a way you were. What do you do then? You learn from your mistake. Don’t do it again and notice the signs of a changing personality. You break your ties but you re there when they need you because they were there for you.

The author's comments:
these things were my days at school find one person they leave trust others they lie so you stay to yourself because friends will find you both of my best friends fond me

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