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April 6, 2009
By Katie Jacunski BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
Katie Jacunski BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
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As a freshman, you are introduced to new things: classes, other students, a new school, and teachers. I had Mr. Gnewuch freshman year. I was in a government/geography block. I was thinking, 84 minutes in the start of each day for the entire semester. How am I going to endure this?
This ended up being my favorite class; I never knew how much I liked social studies. I like classes that are entertaining and diverse, not the same old notes, quizzes and tests. His class was different. We started out everyday with a joke of the day. I liked this because it would get me in an excellent mood.
When we took notes, it wasn’t tiresome. He made it enjoyable. But what I really remember about that class it that we had to memorize all the countries in Africa and their capitals. I didn’t think I would be able to do this. I remember I was nervous to take the test, but he gave us a word bank, I felt more comfortable, and ended up getting a 100%.
Mr. Gnewuch is like a machine. I have no idea how he finds time to coach and teach. It’s crazy’. Half the year he is the assistant coach for our varsity football team and in the other half, he coaches varsity pole vaulting in track.
Another thing I like about Mr. Gnewuch is that he listened to the students ideas. If we had a problem with something, he would try and fix it. He told us at the end of each year he would hand out surveys to the students so we could grade him as a teacher, and write what would make his class improved. He would read all of them and take ideas from them. In one survey, one of his former students said he should get a class pet. What a cool idea! I thought Mr. Gnewuch would buy a fish because he had this massive tank in one side of the room. One day one of his students walked in with a tiny container. Inside was a baby turtle in it about the size of a ping pong ball. We ended up naming him Bruce.
Michael Gnewuch has been my favorite teacher throughout high school and I’m a senior. He is thoughtful and considerate of other students. He asks for students ideas and actually uses them. He is a first-class coach and person. He is an overall great teacher and I wish I had him as a teacher again.

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