A Fiery Get Together

April 5, 2009
By Talie Turturro BRONZE, Bridgeville, Pennsylvania
Talie Turturro BRONZE, Bridgeville, Pennsylvania
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I had just returned from a visit at my father's home, my mom was doing some work for her business, and my brother and sister were outside playing a childish game. I found my self staring at the wall, very bored. I flipped through the pages of my phone directory, and hoped that my friends would answer and free me from this state of boredom. Unfortunately, almost all of my local friends either didn't answer or had other plans. So I decided to call a friend from where my dad lived and she accepted my invite. Not long after fifteen minutes past and she arrived at my doorstep. We then did what all girls do. We stuffed ourselves with candy, ate pizza, listened to music, and chit chatted. It started to get late so we decided to wind down with the hyper girl stuff and watch a movie. About ten minutes into the movie, I was starting feel frozen. So I took off my jacket and set it near the fire place to warm up. Thinking I would come back in less that ten minutes to retrieve it, I went back to watching the movie. What seemed like two seconds later, we both heard an earpiercing beeping noise. My first guess was that it was the smoke detector. I checked the time, and over an hour had passed since I left my purple jacket near the fire, and I had completely forgotten. When I checked for the sweater, it wasnt on fire, but a large hole was burnt in it and if I had left it there any longer, I knew that there could have been some danger. After a couple of minutes the alarm stopped sounding and everything was back to normal, except my ruined deep purple jacket. We spent the rest of the night together fire-free, but still scared from that experience. Now I'm sure it will be hard to even go near the fireplace with a sweater my hands, and I will always just wear a heavier jacket. It is not worth the risk.

The author's comments:
This actually happened recently to one of my best friends and me. I wrote this the morning after the incident and I will never forget it or the laughs that followed.

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