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April 4, 2009
By maddiemooseluver BRONZE, Jefferson City, Missouri
maddiemooseluver BRONZE, Jefferson City, Missouri
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Flip, flop, flip, flop; the sound of sandals on the boardwalk. The smell of saltwater taffy and funnel cake fill the air. The waves, roaring in and out. Colorful shops full of hermit crabs and bright t-shirts. Welcome to Ocean City, Maryland. I love Ocean City for the delicious food, the beautiful beaches, and of course the shops and boardwalk.
When you get hungry what do you do? You eat! Ocean City has some of the best food imaginable. Ocean City is right on the ocean (go figure), so they have tons of blue crab that are steamed to perfection, and when dipped in melted golden-yellow butter, mm mm yummy! Again since they are right on the ocean they have another sea creature, fish. Each and every fish has it's own unique taste that always leaves you wanting more. Best of all they have a Candy Kitchen on just about every block, each filled with homemade fudge with salty peanuts and almonds, pretzels covered in dark brown chocolate, and the best saltwater taffy. The perfect place for you and your taste buds.
Okay lets be honest, if you come to Ocean City there is no doubt in this willy wolly world you will go to the beach. Boogey boarding on the wonderful and calming water, gliding into shore makes you feel like you are flying, awesome or what? I absolutely love the water as it crashes against my cold stricken legs, and feeling the wet sand crinkling through my toes. Collecting seashells is very exciting. With seashells the color of the sky at day and the ocean at night, with every which shape they can be. These beaches are paradise all on their own.
Another reason I love Ocean City so much is the boardwalk and the shops along it. On the boardwalk are so many people that are just as amazed about this jaw-dropping place as you. As you look into shops almost all have cute little hermit crabs. Each of their shells are different, with peace signs, smiley faces, music notes , and just about everything and anything. In the shops are so many souvenirs that remind you of just how wonderful this place is, with sand globes, miniature boogey boards, beach towels, and beautiful shells. I absolutely love visiting the boardwalk.
Looking back through the car window brings small tears to my eyes; I roll down the window and yell out, " I'll be back next year! Promise!". Yes, I'll be back for the crab and candy, for the shell collecting and breath taking beaches, for the click-clacking of sandals on the boardwalk and browsing the shops. I promise I'll be back to Ocean City, Maryland again.

The author's comments:
I wrote this essay for a "mock map" (map is a special testing that goes on in my state) about my favorite place to visit. I choose Ocean City because, well it's just really special to me. And, so i wanted to share my favorite memories of Ocean City with you.

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