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March 23, 2018
By emmaweston BRONZE, Tunner, Maine
emmaweston BRONZE, Tunner, Maine
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Who are Andy Wing  & Tracey Beth ?
Andy Wing  and Tracey Beth  are both my parents. Both of my parents good care so much about me, and my brother. I would even say that they would do anything for me.
How old are Andy Wing  & Tracey Beth ?

Andy Wing  is 49 years old. Tracey Beth  is 45 years old.
When was Andy Wing  & Tracey Beth  born?
My dad was born in 1970 on March, 28. Dad likes to joke around and say that he was alive in the sixties! My mom was born in 1971 on December, 7.  Mom was born also on Pearl Harbor day, so everyday on her birthday she gets a little sad for all the lives that were lost in that event.
What was Andy Wing  & Tracey Beth  childhood like?
My dad grew up with his parents, in a nice house. My mom grew up in a minimum wage family. When my mom was in middle school her parents moved into a trailer about 8 miles from the last house. But my dad lived in the same house for all of his childhood before he went to college.
How did Andy Wing  & Tracey Beth  meet?
My parents meet throw a friend. Her name is Nancy Hodgkins, and my parents are still friends with her today. This is how I was told the story, my dad was a junior and my mom was a freshman, and they started dating at the end of that year.
What do Andy Wing  & Tracey Beth  do for work?

My father, Andy Wing  works as a manager at Rent.A.Center. He manages like 8  stores, so dad is always traveling to get to his job. For example, dad has stores in Rockland, Rumford, Farmington, but dad also has an office that he goes to almost every Monday in Auburn. My mother,  Tracey Beth  works in the district MSAD 52 / SAD 52. Mom works in Turner, but she works with young kids in the grades PK - Second grade. The building is called Turner Primary School, she is a Librarian.
What school did Andy Wing  & Tracey Beth  go to?
Andy Wing  went to the college at The University of Maine at Farmington, and as did my mother, Tracey Beth . My dad majored in Business, he has a Bachelor's degree. My mom majored in Elementary Education. Mom has a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education and a Masters degree in Library Science.
Our at home life.

Our at home life is easy as pie. My parents live together, they will be married for   years, 22 years in counting, they got married on the 5 of August of the year 1996. They don't ever fight, all that they ever do is laugh, smile, and joke. Both of my parents are very supportive of each other, for example, when my mom got her new job / switch over from one library to another, my dad couldn't be happier for her. Or when my dad has a really good week. His numbers are high, my mom is so happy because work can be or is stressful for anyone.
What my parents did do right after college.

My parents after college, both got jobs and moved into a house together. My mom's first job after college was a librarian at the Lewiston Public Library. My dad's first job after college was and still is his job now. My dad has been working at Rent. A .Center for a whopping 24 years. Even though it doesn't seem like a long time, but it is. It is hard to stay at the same job for that long.

Am I spoiled?
Well, a little by my parents! My dad like to say " YOLO " (You Only Live Once), and he and my mom likes to bring me and my brother places no one else has really been. He brought us to Hawaii, Atlantis, and Puerto Rico, Texas, Colorado, and California. My mom is even planning a trip down south for this summer, so I can get out of Maine, leave all the crazy drama behind and so I can see other options for me to live one day.
My parents are smart! ( Ovi )

Before I was born, my parents waited till they had a nice house, stable jobs, a bank account set up for my future, ( With already had like 300$ in it ), so I could buy a car, gas, and other essentials. My great grandma, Hope , already gave my parents the money to pay for both, me and my brother to go to any college of our choice, COMPLETELY CHARGE FREE!!

Just a message for my parents.
  Mom, dad I just want to thank you so so much for all that you have done for me, and putting up with me. I am so glad to have parents that love me and live in the same house as each other. When I am grown up I want to be, as smart as you. Because of all of these things that you both have achieved. And I also wanted to say, I love you!

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