Perfect Date

March 26, 2009
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I met this girl at All County about a year ago. She was so pretty and sweet. But unfortunately at the time she was interested in my friend. I was supposed to be playing side kick (basically make him look good). Well me not being use to the side kick role started to talk to her, or as they say flirt. This made my friend mad so he played me off as a back stabber and told her friend I was interested in her. He knew I wouldn’t be rude to her friend and that it would keep me out of his way. Well All County ended and I got what I thought was going to be my last glimpse at this amazing girl. Well I finally fond her on the so called “booty call” MySpace. All summer long I debated on sending her a message. I would go to the message screen and just stare at it. Well finally I sent her a message. I figured she would ignore it and not think about it again. But instead she replied. For the next week we stayed up till three in the morning talking to each other. By the end of the week we were dating. We first saw each other again at the campground. But I had originally planned for our first date to be like this.
There is this girl that I have had my eyes on for awhile, so my friend, going against what I said, went and asked her on a date for me. I was utterly stunned when she said yes. But wait, how would I pay. Ten dollars won’t get you far now-days. There is no way I could get her flowers. Wait, I can steal them from my moms flower bed. I just hope this date turns out well because she is going to kill me. Still where would we go and what would we eat? I have to be romantic. If I screw this date up she will hate me forever and I will be the laughing stock at school. I got it!! I will have my mom make us a picnic basket. Then after we pick her up at 5 we will head for the lake. There I will take her on a walk and try to convince her that I am not that dumb boy that sits in the corner of math class and makes fun of everything the teacher says. Well, 4:30 rolls around. I walk slowly to the car thinking hard. “Do not be stupid, do not be stupid”. We are heading down the road to her house. It’s too late to turn around now. What have I gotten into? The ride went by fast. Way to fast. Next thing I knew I was parked out side of her house. With as much courage I could muster after the ride with my brother making fun of me, I get out of the car. With my flowers in hand I head towards her door. I stand for a few seconds staring at the doorbell. “Do I ring it or do I turn and run”. I finally reach for the doorbell, but before I can push the small white button the door swings open. One of the biggest scariest looking men I had ever seen was looking down at me. Just by looking at him I got chills from the fear going down my spine. He stared at me for a few seconds than kind of makes grunts and motions me in. Once inside I feel confused. Do I sit down or say something to him. The door slams closed behind me blocking all escape. While I am standing there looking dumb trying get feeling back in my legs, he walks past me and yells up the stairs. He then walks back past me and moves to the couch. I look past him and see the huge flat screen TV on the wall. Below it there is a surround sound system and a Wii games system. Wow these people must be rich. There is no way I am not good enough for her. I have no clue why she said yes. Maybe she feels sorry for me. So here I stand next to the door of the home of the girl of my dreams. I just realized my knees are shaking. Then finally, after what seemed like forever she comes down the steps. She looks so beautiful. She is wearing the tight jeans that show her body very well, a black polo with a pink tank underneath, and her letterman’s jacket. I was so stunned that I forgot what I was doing. So there I stood with flowers in hand, my mouth a little gaped open staring at her. She finally spoke “are those flowers for me?” “Uh, yea, I hope you like them. I know they are nothing great but I tried”. She took them from me without saying a word and walked into the kitchen. She is probably going in there and thinking oh god these are ugly. And throw them in the trash. She finally walks back out and asks” well I am ready to go” so out the door we went. As we walked to the car I was thinking please don’t let my brother make fun of me. Please God I beg. I opened the door for her and she got in.
I followed her. I used the excuse of having to close the door just so I could get closer. And off we went. This ride seemed to take forever. I thought to myself “do I take her hand or do I just sit here” After what seemed forever I reached over and took her hand. I was waiting for her to push my hand off and move her hand. But instead she squeezed my hand. It sent relief through my body. Well we pulled into the parking lot of the lake. I got out and grabbed the basket. It was beautiful. The lake was smooth and shiny. The temperature was perfect. I took her hand waved good bye and started to walk towards the spot I had picked out. When we got there I sat the basket down and asked her “would you like to go on a boat ride?” She said yes so I walked her to the boat I had pre-rented just incase she said yes, and helped her get in. I took the paddle and started to paddle us out. Then the real Trouble would start. I am all alone with her. What do I do? I don’t want to make her fell awkward. But then she spoke with the prettiest voice I had ever heard. And for it least an hour we sat and talked. Finally it started to get close to sunset so I rowed us back. We ate and for once she was a girl that wasn’t afraid to eat. After we were done eating I said “I have a surprise for you”. I took her hand and walked towards a hill. With me I had a blanket. When we got there I laid the blanket out and motioned for her to lie down. We had a perfect view of the lake and the sunset. I was so surprised when she rolled over and laid her head on my chest. I felt so good. I felt invincible and safe. I made through a date with the girl of my dreams and she didn’t walk away once. We laid there until the sunset was gone and the stars were out. What seemed like it was going to be the worse night of my life turned out to be the best. And it turned out to be the start of something amazing. It has been seven months since that date and Tori and I. We are closer then I ever thought we could be.

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