dear world

March 23, 2009
By Anonymous

Dear world,
I say dear world at the beginning of this piece about who I am because, my goal all the time is to make an impact on something, someone or lots of things in the world. When I get going on some thing that I love or I want to fix I will do it. I have to tell myself frequently that I can’t fix the whole world. I believe the events and lessons that I have experienced in my life so far have affected the way I am in a good way. I’m exited to share my events with you.
I created this soundtrack to express who I am and who I would like to be. I hope it will turn out to actually be a lesson to me and not just you. I hope we both learn things about me. Most of the music on it is stuff that I like to listen to because I feel it is important to express who I am by getting a feel for what I listen too. Some of the songs connect not just by lyrics but also by the way the song makes me feel. Enjoy!

Track 1: “Viva la Vida”; Artist: Coldplay
I chose this song to represent when I learned to ski because the inspiring way of this song makes me feel the way I feel when I ski. In the song it talks about ruling the world and when I ski I feel like I am on top of the world. I ski race and when I get going really fast I think of this song because of the adrenaline rush.

Track 2: “Marshmallow”; Artist: Orange sherbet
I chose this song to represent when I go camping because I have tons of memories of roasting marshmallows with my family and friends. My family and about three other families have always had this group that we go camping with some of my best friends are among this group. I fee that this event in my life has made the part of me that loves nature, I also think it showed me that I love to play sports.

Track 3: “Yellow”; Artist: Coldplay
I chose this song for when my sister was born because I feel like the song really captures her personality. Her favorite color is yellow. Her personality is bright happy and makes you exited to be alive. In the song the lead singer sings about a person with a bright personality and coming along to write a song for her.

Track 4: “What I Be”; Artist: Franti/Spearhead
I chose this song for my friendship with Logan Baltzan because when i'm around her I feel like I can be anyone that I want to be and I can be my true self. I think a friend has to have that to have that quality that brings you out to be a great friend. The song talks about being the better of things and healing corrupt things. I feel that’s what I am with her.

Track 5: “Float On”; Artist: Modest mouse
I chose the song “Float On” by modest mouse to represent when my parents got divorced because when we were going through it my parents were really good about talking to us about it and the main thing that we talked about was that it was kind of a rebirth of a new kind of family. This song reminds me of this event because it says: “alright don’t worry we’ll all float on okay.” Indeed my family did my family did float on.

Track 6: “Starry Eyed Surprise”; Artist: Okenfold
I chose this funky song for when I went to Germany for three weeks during the summer because when we were there the world cup for soccer was there. This song makes me feel the same way I did during the major/exiting events during the experience. That was an awesome summer and this song is awesome too!

Track 7: “Shilo”: Neil Diamond
I chose this song to represent when I went to the Neil Diamond concert because it is obviously a Neil Diamond song and he sang that song twice plus the encore. That concert was really cool because it was at the Hollywood bowl and the vibe in the “bowl” was really cool. This song says shilo when I was young and that relates to me because it was my first real concert and I was young.

Track 8: “The traveling song”; Artist:
I chose this song for when I went to Nicaragua because the song is about traveling and I traveled to Nicaragua. It was a long trip and the song says: “I’ve been traveling, been traveling forever.” Nicaragua was a very gun trip and I felt like I was at my home, it says that in the song.

Track 9: “Bella”; Artist: Angus and Julia Stole
I chose this song to just wrap up my soundtrack and its title is my name. In the song they are describing a girl and I like how it describes this girl, I like to think that they are describing me I believe it is a good calming song and a good wrap up for a soundtrack.

Thank you for listening to the soundtrack of my life: My world. I hope you learned some things about me. As for me, I believe I did learn a few things about myself during this experience. Again thank you for taking the time to listen to what makes me.

The author's comments:
this was an assignment that we did in my english class and we made memiors using music in our lives.

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