Searching for Stars

April 1, 2009
By Teresa Symons BRONZE, Hamburg, Pennsylvania
Teresa Symons BRONZE, Hamburg, Pennsylvania
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The stars have always enchanted me. On a night with crystalline clarity, I can never prevent my eyes from wandering upwards at them. Their sheer magnitude alone is staggering, but that isn’t solely what I find captivating. I could gaze in awe for hours at the stars, the most majestic sight in the world. Yet their allure transcends the purely aesthetic, for beams of starlight have the power to pierce my very soul. There’s something divinely serene about the silence they transmit, for it is infinitely more than silence. The stars whisper sweet harmonies of mystery. I am equally drawn to both the aura of their elegance and their enigma. Quite enthralling is the beauty of their secrets; the promise of untold glories which they hold. Like an exquisitely crafted clasp, or an intricately complex puzzle, the stars tempt my intellect with their seemingly endless labyrinth of questions. Parallel to my desire for the chance and ability to search out solutions is my desire for simple awestruck appreciation of the wonder and hope the stars bring to my world.
I would all but sacrifice my life for an opportunity to venture into outer space and finally travel among the stars that I so desperately wish to be closer to. I’d give it all up to blast through the heavens and rocket into the realms beyond. To fly to place so far and free from the world below would complete my deepest desire. Something inexplicable within me wishes to devote itself to mastery of the stars. Although mastery may be somewhat unattainable, I’d settle for studying them while developing and testing my own theories.
With the present situation of the world being what it is today, my best shot of living my dream is to become an astronaut. In short, achieving this would include accumulating several advanced degrees in astrophysics or aeronautical engineering, acquiring flight or research experience, and being accepted by NASA as an astronaut candidate. Now this would not by any means be an easy task, due in part to the fact that so many apply to NASA, while so few are selected. In addition to the massive competition I would face is the fact that I am physically exempt from even submitting an application. Despite the fact that I wear glasses, my vision is acceptable. My height, however, is not. At a mere five feet I am currently considered too short to be an astronaut. This is one of my greatest sorrows, and yet I retain hope.
My perception of this dream is an imperative destiny. Something within myself is ordained to soar through the heavens in exploration. Although the circumstances may not seem to currently permit such things, I am prepared to commit all my faculties to achieving them. If I am unsuccessful at conforming myself to the contemporaneous methods of such exploration, then I plan to deviate from the existing institutions and devise my own means of attaining my goals. I believe my ambition and acuity, in addition to any higher education I may endeavor to obtain, will together endow me with the ability to realize all that I desire.
Although my obvious first choice would be a position at NASA, if that continues to be a nonviable option I will simply look for alternatives. While the government currently has the largest foothold on manned space exploration, I believe that in the future this may change. If scientists and engineers can receive funding from elsewhere, then there is no limit to what they can accomplish. Rather, their endeavors could soon outshine those of the space program. If one day this is the case, I will seek out the aid of individuals who are likewise devoted to exploration of the universe beyond Earth. I will design and construct the next generation of spacecraft. I will overcome today’s dilemmas pertaining to long-term space travel. I will voyage past the moon’s gravitational hold, out into the reaches of the solar system, and possibly beyond the boundaries of the galaxy itself. I will assimilate all possible knowledge, in fervent hope of one day being able to find the panacean key which will unlock the door to all of the universe’s mysteries, answer the questions of eons past, and illuminate the darkness enshrouding the stars.

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