Music in my head

March 31, 2009
By Mikal SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
Mikal SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
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When I’m bored, I don’t read, watch TV, or clean. I just lay on the bed on my back. Then I turn on my I-pod, and place the white headphones in my big ears .I let my fingers stroll down the music selections. Rock, rap, hip hop, R and B, and other music types are all listed. I’m thinking “what song I’m going to listen to,”
On Christmas day, December 25, 2006, I rushed out of my bed and started to open all my presents lying under the big, strong pine smelling Christmas tree. I ripped off all the annoying Christmas wrapping papers to reveal my gifts. I saw nothing I wanted or something that might have meaning to me. I sighed in great disappointment. I looked at all of the great things my two brothers got from Christmas. Even my mom got what she wanted.
My dad came to pick me and my brothers up from our home and to bring us to his house. When we got there, we started to open our presents. I was getting prepared for some disappointing presents to be revealed. I ripped off all the Christmas wrapping papers so I can claim my prizes. The prizes weren’t worth being grateful for. But at the corner of my eye I saw one more present on the floor. It was for me. I grabbed it and ripped open the thin and bright wrapping paper. My eyes light up like I was looking at the 4th of July’s fireworks. It was a black cardboard box that had a picture of a black I-pod in the front of it. I tugged on the black box to break the box open. I took the I-pod from inside of the destroyed box. I turned it on and looked at menu. I saw that my dad had installed tons of music in to it. I strolled downed the list of my favorite songs. I couldn’t decide what song was going to be my first song I would listen to so

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