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   Here I sit as I review my life. I look back on my parent's divorce, but this time from my point of view. Everyone always hears about it from the parent's view of how the kids feel. But rarely do you get actual feelings form the kids of divorced parents.

I think that my parent's divorce made me a better person because I went through the divorce all by myself. I never had a sibling to cry with - no-one except my stuffed animals. I feel that this has made me a stronger person. For example, since the divorce I feel that I can do and withstand any obstacles in my life. I'd be able to cope with any problems by myself and not need someone to help me cope with them.

I was ten when my parents divorced. Then I thought my life was wonderful. I had grown up sheltered from the world, since I grew up in a small hick town near Fall River. I had everything I needed (I thought) and was content. Then suddenly, everything changed. Mom and Dad stopped talking and started yelling and I said to myself, "Mom and Dad would never get a divorce." One morning Mom suddenly left and Dad looked unhappy. Then he told me. I didn't know what to do; I just sat there, watching cartoons. After that moment, my life slowly under went major changes and I was understanding everything.

That fall, Mom and I moved to a suburb of Boston. I quickly adapted to my new surroundings and every weekend I visited my father. When I was with him, I felt bad for him because I felt he seemed lonely and depended on me too much. Also, it made me feel different to be back in my old house without my mom. During the next months, many tears were shed. I felt guilty because my parents were lonely, and I also felt a separation of my feelings and thoughts between my parents. I'd say something to my mom and then have to repeat it to my dad. Sometimes I just wouldn't talk at all and let life go on, taking everything as it came.

With the passing years, I slowly have drawn farther apart from my dad and started not to feel guilty for his loneliness. He had a girlfriend and started his life again, like my mom had to do.

I will be sixteen soon and right now I am very happy with my life. Despite my parent's divorce, I think my life turned out pretty well. If you asked me what my life would be like if my parents hadn't divorced, I would have no idea. I am a very happy and normal teenager with a normal life. Some people say that when parents get divorced the child suffers and never recovers. Well, I suffered, but I have recovered! n

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i love this so much!

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