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   1. The "mean temperature" for a given period is the

a. Most extreme temperature

b. The average of the highest and lowest temps

c. The temperature range

2. True or False: The "Great Blizzard of '78" in Boston technically was not a blizzard.

3. With what instrument can we measure both dewpoint and relative humidity?

a. Hygrometer

b. Barometer

c. Sling Psychrometer

4. The wind circulation around storm centers is

a. Counter-clockwise

b. Clockwise

c. All over the place

5. True or false: On a scale of 1 (minimal) to 5 (catastrophic), only 3 Atlantic hurricanes have reached "5" status, the most recent being "Gilbert" (winds 175 mph) last year.

Bonus: What is the name of this hurricane scale?

a. Dick Albert's Hurricane Ratings

b. The Hurri-graph

c. The Saffir/Sympson Scale

Answers: 1. b,>2. True. The temperatures during the storm were not cold enough. Normally blizzard temps are in the teens to below zero while in '78 they were in the 20's.>3. c>4. a>5. True>Bonus. c n

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