Then & Now of 2008

March 27, 2009
By roxy_rocks BRONZE, Queens, New York
roxy_rocks BRONZE, Queens, New York
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[THEN]this year has been a whirwind for me. Ups & downs,good and bad dayz,but through it all i've grown from it all. Im a completely different person,and im really blowned away by my performance of growth and stages that i've conquered. Sure,i've lost alot of trust in certain people and friends,but i still love them anyway! How? CUZ THATS JUST ME!!!! Love me or hate me,call me fake or foe,its WATEVA.Yeah,lots of ppl dislike,hate or call me fake its cuz they judge me first by my looks without gettin to know me 1st,which i hate,but just let it fly because i cant hold grudges against them,im not that kinda girl. I cant hate someone for an eternaty without saying "its okay" or "dont worry about it!" im just a really forgiving girl,but if u really cross me or hurt me in a destructive way then thats it! Thats where i cross the line between us and everything we had.I forgive,but NEVER FORGET!!!! Some people have taken me for granted and had taken my feelings for a ride and just thinking of my emotions as a toy,but hey "WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND ;)" So just keep tht in mind for those who have tortured me and broken me down before,ur time will come and you'll be put through EVERY SINGLE,GUT-WRENCHING,HURTFUL PAIN/SUFFERING i've been put through by YOU!

[NOW] Im stronger now,sure here& there i might be a little clueless & sometimes naive ,but what 15 yr. ISNT???? I've just let go of so much anger,hate,rage,betrayal & lies and let in the truth,love,belief,happieness & joy cuz thats what i need...its what i deserve in my life. I dont wanna die with a guilt conscience,i want a clean slate starting tonight. Im done trying to prove to people who i really am,i know who i am,i am me,nothing else,nothing more! If u think im fake all i have to say is STICKS & STONES MAY BREAK MY BONES,BUT YOUR WORDS WILL NEVER, EVERRRR HURT! So,after all of my emotions and feelings are out here now,im gonna just leave it at this 'till further notice.

The author's comments:
What inspired me to write this piece was a conversation me and my father had a while ago. And mainly because i felt the urge to let out all of my feelings out!

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