How Nature Is a Piece of Us

February 20, 2018
By Jorrdan_writes GOLD, Byram Ms, Mississippi
Jorrdan_writes GOLD, Byram Ms, Mississippi
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You are going to die. Squeeze all that you can out of this one life you have. Live each day fully, because it could be gone as fast as a half taken breath.

We all breathe and function in a way that we do not control. Our organs function all day and night without us knowing how we do it. I think it is mindblowing that we are capable of lasting years and years with our organs doing the same thing.

This one heart we have pumps thousands of times a day. This earth is one big organ pumping out different types of organisms. All with the same comparable aspects. I’ve stated once before that this trip is a great deal of bliss. But we turn it into darkness.

We could see that we are all super organisms. And that this thing we call life is something spectacular only if we take a step back to think. We are so caught up in this made up propaganda called society, it fools us from thinking outside the box. It causes us to stay in an small field of thinking that detaches us from opening our mind. It’s like a zoo animal.

We take them from their natural habitat when they are young, and they are forced to grow up in the zoo. And that is all they know. That is how we live, but who said that it is how we ought to live. As humans, we often think that we are something separate from nature. As if nature was an outsider. But nature functions the same way we do. We need food and water to survive just as trees and plants need sunlight to grow.

Just as nature, we start off as babies like tress and we grow up and eventually die, just like everything else. We ignore the fact that we are not separate from nature. Because we can not put an answer on where we came from or why we came about. Animals as well, but animals do not stress like we do. Animals live in the moment. Unlike us we waste our lives living in a box.

We blind ourselves from this vast and distinct world. We often miss the point that we are very special and unique. And that you are the fabric of existence itself. “You are the whole universe, only you’re pretending your not” - Alan Watts.

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