The Void: A Thought for a Lifetime

February 20, 2018
By Jorrdan_writes GOLD, Byram Ms, Mississippi
Jorrdan_writes GOLD, Byram Ms, Mississippi
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You are going to die. Squeeze all that you can out of this one life you have. Live each day fully, because it could be gone as fast as a half taken breath.

Intrigued by what’s right in front of me. The past and now. Very intrigued by the very specs of dirt on the ground to each moment I encounter, good or bad. From the bliss essence of every laugh to every tear I shed.

Life to me is the most intriguing thing ever. To have been so lucky enough to be able to encounter this short time of joy, every second, every minute, and every moment that you are in the greatest blessing. Greater than any amount of money or amount of land you have or the number of cars you have. Greater than any achievement.

Gratitude is important because there is always someone is any worse position than you. We are small specs on this planet earth. Planet earth is a small spec in millions of galaxies. I have come to the conclusion that god put us here to simply enjoy, to not live in stress and to not worry. To live moment by moment.

We have to wake up and see how extraordinary we are. Every single one of us. It’s your reality, so how can anything else contaminate you. The void contains the whole universe, the good people, the bad people, the animals and the insects and the nature of the mind. All are contained in the void, and out of this void contains everything and you’re it. “So why not love yourself, and see that you are a product of a super organization called the human race. And see that you were born out of this earth and that you are not supposed to be anyone else but you.

To see that you are a miracle, and so is every moment you live, and every situation you encounter. Because you are you, and that itself is priceless”

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