What Made Me Start Writing

February 18, 2018
By Jorrdan_writes GOLD, Byram Ms, Mississippi
Jorrdan_writes GOLD, Byram Ms, Mississippi
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You are going to die. Squeeze all that you can out of this one life you have. Live each day fully, because it could be gone as fast as a half taken breath.

My generation and culture plays a big part in why I started writing. Writing to me is like a get away from reality. The blurring out of the screen like in the movies. So when I write I’m being myself, and I know that I’m doing what I was born to do.We live in a world with many different opinions. And we all have a voice and no matter if it is positive or negative we get to share it. The people , I look at my peers and look at all the different types of personalities and how it affects us all. As a generation, we don’t have a lot of positive voices. And it puts us behind as a generation. I want to help as many of my peers as I can make the right decisions and help if needed. Because we are the future. We are also our kids future. Legacy life isn’t infinite, everyone has to exit at some point. But I want to leave knowing that I touched as many souls as I could. And spread as much knowledge as I could. I want generations to remember and talk about me. You never know when it is your time. So enjoy every moment you have.

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Trying to get people to see my work. Legacy is what I want in the end. Follow me on medium to see my writings: Jordan Jones

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