What's Inside The Bottle?

February 14, 2018
By JonasBricker64 BRONZE, Austin, Texas
JonasBricker64 BRONZE, Austin, Texas
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Messages flow from ships to shore in a sealed shut bottle to be read to whom shall find the message inside the bottle. People used bottles to communicate a message to whom shall read this message. The sea should carry this bottle until it reaches shore where it will eventually end up well that’s if it survives the massive waves.


Now we communicate through many ways text, call, email, passing notes, signals, alerts, etc. Anyway, we as human beings have changed the way we see things through communicating we've also advanced immensely. But why is it we communicate? Simple to share what’s on our minds and let another person perceive the message.
Why do we shut ourselves up? Is it our society? Or are we just shy? What is the purpose of our emotions if we don’t share?

Sometimes when we get in trouble we find a way out to avoid the situation mentally and/or physically. But what if you didn’t find the escape? What do you do? Cry? Laugh? Yell? So why is it we don’t share (express) our feelings? I believe it’s simply not having enough experience to sharing. Not as in sharing your candy our toys but your emotions.

When people do share their emotions it feels a little odd well that’s what I used to think at least. But I think it can come quickly to you just like riding a bike can. For example, even saying the words “ I love you” that’s expression.

But isn’t there more to what you feel and/or can share with others? Say maybe someone did something to you aren’t very fond of. Would you like to explain how you feel about the situation or will you let the person keep doing it? So what I’m trying to ask is why do you shut yourself up? Why?

The author's comments:

I was inspired by a youtube video I watched talking about expressing emotions.

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