2018 Chevy Silverado

February 2, 2018
By Anonymous

This is a review of the new 2018 Chevy Silverado 1500, and I will be talking about how practical the truck, and as well the different models or trim levels there are for this model of truck.  let's talk about the engine, The Truck can be equipped with 5.3 liter engine and it is most common in all of the the trucks as well as in the suv in GM. the 5.3 can put out 355 horsepower and 383 pound feet of torque. For a stock engine that make that power is good.

But their is another engine that GM have just for their trucks. The 6.2 liter can be equipped in the half ton or the three quarter ton trucks. The 6.2 can put out 420 horsepower and 460 pound feet of torque. With that pound feet of torque it can tow heavy loads like nothing.

As well GM put an option on every truck, that if you want to save gas and not waste a lot of gas on a V8. The truck have a computer to see if you are not going to fast and staying the same speed, then the computer will tell the engine just use 4 cylinder for a fuel saving V8. Let's talk about the trim levels that GM have to offer to the Silverado.

The first trim level is the ltz. The ltz trim page is equip with cloth seat, am/fm radio, cruise control, ac, carpet, power windows, rubber mats, and led interior lights. This is the most of a base model that they can offer.

The next model is the z71. This model can offer the same things as the ltz but a few things different. This trim level is equipped with 4 wheel drive for the truck, and it have an option for leather seats as well heated seats. The z71 have a better suspension for going off road, as well a 2 inch lift so the truck can ride a little higher.

The next trim is the high country. The high country have the same option as the z71 but have a litter more options like, it has better audio system, 22in chrome wheels, chrome grill, chrome exterior pieces, bed liner, black bow tie, window tint, chrome side steps, chrome bumpers or painted bumpers, polished exhaust tips, 8 speed automatic transmission with tow mode, electronic trailer brake, and a spray bed liner with the chevy logo on the back of the bed.

If you just want a truck that going to be us for work and work only. Chevy have a base model that is  equip with a cloth seats, rubber floor mats, black grill, chrome bumper, and a am/fm radio. You can put more things on the truck. The truck will have the same option for the engine, transmission, and f they want 4 wheel drive.

The Chevy Silverado 1500 can tow really good, it has a towing rating up to 25,000 pounds or more. All of the 2018 Chevy is equip with the 8 speed automatic transmission with tow mode and a trailer brake controller. As well their is a trailer package which mean that you have an option with what trailer ball size you want, as well if you want a 4 plug or a 6 plug for the trailer light.


GM have different type of cabs and bed for their trucks, like you can get a crew cab, regular cab and  double cab with a short bed or long bed with 2 wheel drive or 4 wheel drive. You can choose what type of wheels you want on the truck and as well what type of tire on it. You can choose what type of gears you want in the rear end of the truck.

GM have lots of  accessories that you can put on your truck. You can get rid of the stock exhaust system and put a performance exhaust system for the truck to sound louder. You can put on different things for the bed like, you can have a tool box, bed liner, lights in the bed of the truck, ladder rack, headache ladder rack and side rails. for the front of the turck you can you have a paint film piericter, led head lights, led fog lights and hood pierticter. For the side of the truck you could have fender flares and for the doors you could have side window deflector and side molding.

For the inside of the truck you can have an audio system from the dealer or more things. The option that you can have on the truck is that you can have a chevy my link have a audio system with a 8 inch screen display with a navigation on it. Their other things you can have on the truck like you can have leather seats on the truck. For the floor you can have a rubber floor or a carpet floor. You can have rubber floor mats with the chevy logo on the mats. You can have a rear seat blu-ray system on the back seat of the driver and passenger. You can have a heated and cooled seats, as well with the steering wheel. For safety feature on the truck you can have a front and rear parking assist, forward collision alert, and you can have a lane keep assist.

From me reviewing the truck in person and driving it, the truck perform very well but the only thing that i don’t like is that, the truck have a wax coating on the frame and over time the wax will melt in the heat and it won’t protect it. Over time the truck will rust and the frame will crack. They need to powder coat the frame so the frame will be protected from rust. Overall I will recommend buying this truck it tow well and it will pull a heavy load, and for the inside the truck is very comfortable and very quiet in side the cab. So that what I think about the 2018 Chevy Silverado. if I had the money I will buy me one.

The author's comments:

The reason why I made a revew about the 2018 Chevy Silverado is that i'm a big Chevy guy. Bow tie untill I die.

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