Life Is a Climb, but the View Is Great

January 29, 2018
By Anonymous



These words really made me think if I will ever get the topmost view of life…I WILL! All of us say that life has both tough as well as beautiful parts but I think that the tough parts are the beautiful ones. When we achieve our grail the hard way we know that we have come up here by ourselves maybe with some support but with struggle and our own hard work and patience. We know care for what we have earned because we have felt the pain that one goes through to achieve their flag and the trek towards the flag post is an endeavor that teaches us different things in different times. 

Does one go for a trek only to reach the destination or also to enjoy the journey?  Struggle is a part of life and there is a completely different pride of that fact. There is a famous tale that a lady met Picasso and asked him to sketch her portrait, He gladly agreed and within 30 seconds handed over a portrait to her and asked for 30000 dollars. The woman bargained that it is not reasonable for him to ask 30000 dollars for a sketch that took him 30 seconds. Picasso replied with a smile on his face, “Ma’am it took me 30 years to be able to complete it in 30 seconds”. It shows how persistent  he was towards his goal and how he and several people believed that they can be legends and create history and were determined to live life on their own terms. No success storyis complete without a climax of failure. “We all have two lives the second one starts when we realize that we only have one”

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It is something that just popped in my head and I scribbled it down

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