January 25, 2018
By nacholover2834 BRONZE, Indialantic, Florida
nacholover2834 BRONZE, Indialantic, Florida
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The way the human brain reacts and works is if you have the tendency to have dependency, you are going to draw more towards a relationship. This is usually either receiving too much love as a child or even a lack so you are constantly searching for that love. There's no issue with this but issues are caused by the quick to the jump ones. As soon these subjects ma get out of a relationship they have the needed urge to hop back in and feel the love their mind constantly craves. Not only does the mind crave it but so does their body because some people become sexually distraught and need that constant pleasure in their life. The problem with these cravings and tension is anyone can be the best person you have met. Anyone in this petrifying world can sit down and act like the most caring person ever. Once they know they have you to themselves they finally begin to show their true colors and the affection you once felt becomes a burning hatred overshadowed by the love and cravings you need. You get lost in the pan of emotions and once it happens once there are two options. You accept it and try to move on or you stay in the trap until someone digs you out. But,sometimes even then you are so stuck getting out isn’t an option.Some people are genuine and truly are who they are from the start. Some act so they can get what they want. It’s called the art of manipulation. Issues became to arise when they aren’t trying to only get things such as sex,money,and drugs. This issue truly begins to arise when someone is so mentally ill and sick in their mind, they don’t only want to get what they have desired from the start. They begin to want something more which is the complete control of another human individual. They want control of their mental,what the person thinks,and how they perceive everyone else. The main tactic is to get them while they’re down. Then they put them down. Then pick them up and seem like the hero when they are the cause of this emotion and flood of manipulation you are feeling.This individual who I speak upon is a special human, is kind yet is too kind to where they always gets trapped. Along with that the individual shows they don't receive the attention they don't deserve at home. This may be because the parents may not always give the attention needed to receive especially being a teenager and being hardworkers trying to support a family. Anything can happen at any age. Things aren’t as simple as the words “it’s just a highschool relationship” there are countless people who have been dating the same person dating back to elementary school. Nothing in life is pointless. This then can cause the individual to feel insignificant and that they are overreacting. The importance of this matter is the fact that it can cause the person to feel as if what they are feeling as an individual is insignificant. Not everyone can receive the voice of reasoning they need. And upon that no matter what someone may say that individual will no matter act upon not what they are told but upon their intuition. This then can lead to happiness for a short period or can amount to the individual who gave the voice of reasonings viewpoints to come to flourition over a fixed period of time. The concept of the brain can be wired differently and is so complex the issues apply to the individual's brain. The effects of the individual may be significant and can gain them new experience but also usually leads to trauma before actual experience can become relevant. Along with this the new experiences attempted to be gained can easily be prohibited by the trauma caused by said individual.

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I wrote this piece because I want to be a psychology major and love observing all the aspects of it. School is some of the best ways to learn this with observational studies. Therefore the opportunity to research and help others is a future goal of mine happening in the present. 

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