Why I Love to Write

January 25, 2018
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I’ve always found comfort in the dark. The darker it is the more I can relax. My favorite of these places is my aunt’s basement, but of course there are a few other factors at play in order for it to be blissful there. I would need a computer and earbuds. This way I could write and block out the rest of the world. The earbuds would be filled with music. Every type of music one could think of, except classical. As strange as it may sound I can’t write with classical music. It’s exceedingly hindering. The earbuds and the white light from my Microsoft Document are all I need.
I love delving into my writing. Because before long, I’m not even in the basement anymore. I’m in a new world all my own. Here no one can yell at me, or hurt me. No one can beat me, or toy with me. I am the god of my own little universe, made of paper and ink. Alone, creating life in my own image. In a place so simple and amazing because I always know the answer. I’m in complete control.  And nothing has to make sense, because to me everything does.
The page is my canvas, the basement my office, my imagination the paint. Where I have control, playing god, In solitude, in the dark. This is where I always have and always will love to be.

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