January 23, 2018
By Anonymous

I have always been told about how I had my own choice to make and how my choice can take that course of action. I have always wondered if I have a choice, why would people try to decide what's best for you? People go around telling you things such as 'you can make a difference' or 'it's time for you to grow up'. It's your own choice whether you want to grow up, stay the same as you are now, change or even not grow up at all. We know how our choice can affect others as well, we either make good choices or bad choices. In the end it all comes down to you and what you would do to either fix that choice you made or just let it happened. People come and talk to teens and even adults trying to motivate them to make good choices, I can see where they're coming from. But sometimes that motivation instead of making people make the right choices they make the bad ones instead. All that motivation can make people especially teens feel stressed out, pressured and even more feel responsible. Sometimes people think about things way to much and before you know it that person is walking down the wrong path. Sometimes listening to people is good but at other times you have to make tough decisions that way it's a form of learning from mistakes that you'll make into the future and it'll also can open up another way where you can fix the mistakes you make and turn it into a better choice. Many choices can be made in your life every it can either be important,not really or it's neither. What a good thing to remember is that you alone have the power to make the choice you want. For this tiny review or even reflection on how I think about choices, I hope that people will read it and comment in how you feel reading this and how you feel about what you think choice means to you.

The author's comments:

What inspired me is I guess everything around me and from what I hear other people speaking through their points of view.

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