Early Childhood Memory

January 11, 2018
By Jsnowman BRONZE, Macon, Illinois
Jsnowman BRONZE, Macon, Illinois
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My earliest childhood memory would have to be my parents getting a divorce. It happened when I was 11. I never thought my parents would have gotten a divorce because they never fought, that I saw. They were always working and never got to hang out. That was the only thing I could figure out.

To this day I can still remember how it all got laid out to me. I was in the room sitting on my bed that has baseballs all over it. I heard a knock on the door. It was my mom asking to talk to me. My dad then came up behind her and said we… need to talk. Soi said oh...k. I followed them into our living room and we sat on our new leather couch. My mom and dad kinda hesitated to talk. They both looked like they didn't know how to say whatever they were gonna say. My dad spoke up and said, Jonny… I and your mom have kinda been having a hard time lately and I just don't have the same feelings for her I used to. Then he showed me the divorce papers and said they were getting a divorce. As soon as he said that my heart drop and right then my eyes started tearing up and one tear slid down my cheek. I started bawling... I was in so much shock from thinking that we had a good strong family to thinking that it wasn't anymore. My mom left to go the office room. I could hear her start to cry then eventually was bawling. After that, I just went to my room and lay on my bed crying and thinking about what was going on. It took me several weeks to kinda pull it all together. Then they got divorced and now I have to go back and forth and it sucks.

I would never want this for anyone. Because trust me it stinks. Divorce is something that you would never think to happen to your family. But sometimes things just change sadly.

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